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Isl or Isis' Progression in the World of Terrorism

Updated on April 16, 2021
paguilar profile image

I am a Historian, Martial Artist and Criminal Justice/ Military expert having focused my lifetime studying Warrior Ethos and culture.

ISL has so far been able to expand due to revenues from extortion, theft, looting, seized oil wells and ransoming hostages. However after having hired out mercenaries and the oil prices dropping not to mention the air bombing they have faced; have put a hurt on their revenues.

It takes money and firepower to acomplish goals. Isis has relied on theivery, bartering and the support of those crazy enough to provide financing so far. ISIS has conducted raids on territories, they have received support from Syria and mostly have attempted to obtain ransom money by the threat of killing those they have kidnapped. Some countries have been dumb enough to pay the ransom and still not get the person returned, in the case of Japan.

Here is what they will soon face. A diminished supply of things to steal and people to kidnap. They will no doubt, as they have already, lose support by the brutal slayings of their hostages. This is just a bad idea. There are only but so many people they can kidnap and kill. After a while the Shock and Awe is worn off. Not only that but they fail to realize that they are creating martyrs not for Islam but for whatever country these victims are from. The executions do nothing to promote ISIS but quite the opposite.

Take for example the Nazi's of Germany during WWII. Yes I have compared ISIS to Nazi's because they are birds of a feather. Bullies with guns and no brains. None the less the Nazi movement took of strong and support was rallied for the Jewish Question in Germany that lead to the ineffable slaughter of millions of Jews. Over time the elite SS troops became unwilling to carry out the executions and so a new system was developed; the gas chambers. Even still over time this decision would cause a rift in the Nazi movement and once it came to light; Katie bar the door.

The same will hold true for ISIS. The more they try to abuse the human resource the quicker they will begin to lose their support. The further distance they will put between themselves and the Jihad movement of Islam. This in fact has already happened. Even a group as devious as Al Qaeda have already disowned them. Islam will begin to disown them.

Bottom-line they can only receive but so much from their Social Media campaign. It's ludicrous. The best thing for them to do is just throw in the towel now and avoid annihilation

Future of Isis

Will ISIS no longer be a threat to the free world

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During a summit which focused on terrorism Obama urged delegates to confront the warped ideology by stating:

"These terrorists are desperate for legitimacy and all us have a responsibility to refute the notion that groups like ISIL somehow represent Islam, because that is a falsehood that embraces the terrorist narrative,"

But as he sugar coats how these groups use Islam and the tenets and verses that are present in their holy books it still doesn't account for how it has been a long running tradition of Islamic peoples and groups since the time of their prophet till today against the rest of the world. There is a reason why there are more Muslim's attracted to Islamic terrorist groups; because it is part of their tradition. There are no Christian terrorist groups that go about taking hostages, killing them for ransom, blowing up mosques and flying planes into the rock of Mecca. Just doesn't happen. On the other hand countries who were traditionally Christian are under attack and use defensive measures to expel and quash terrorism.

As usual Obama has been downplaying the evils of Islamic terrorism and instead misses the whole point all together. Yes Muslims are prospering in America in whatever vocation they choose. But at the same time they are not threatened by the American Way of Life. They are living it and are happy for the opportunity. The ones who wish to impose Sharia Law on all of the world countries are the issue. Sharia comes from not being anti-American but from being... Yup, you guessed it; Muslim.

I will let you draw upon your own conclusions but those are the facts.


None the less not all who are Muslim are bad people, or terrorists. Case in point, Denmark. a thousand Muslims join in a ring of peace outside a synagogue there following a series of attacks against Jews in Europe.

© 2015 paguilar


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