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Updated on October 14, 2011

Of course, it is.

This blog has always identified President Barack Obama's American Jobs Act as "America Jobs Act"; and it regrets the mistake very much.

With that said; it is obvious that where the country is perched economically at the moment is rather precarious; and the Congressional Republicans are dragging their feet, each time the occasion is ripe for them to help in putting people back to work.

As always, they seem to have a new version of a plan in place to oppose the one that the government is presenting, and that seems to be very disconcerting for many people, let alone the Obama administration.With that attitude on their part, the delays that the country is experiencing in putting people back to work is obviously theirs.

They have always had some kind of an excuse; the latest being that the business world had the capacity to create jobs and not the government. Which happens to be no new assertion, as far as the public is concerned.

In a Fox News interview, Senator John McCain seems to be carrying his party's flag to denigrate the efforts of the Obama administration. He is requesting that the government "unleash and unfetter" the private business sector to create the jobs that the country needs so much.

He is sounding as if he is not very much aware of the fact that the unemployment rate that is bursting at its seams, at 9.1%, needs to fixed; and that some measures must be taken by the United States Congress to bring it down without delay.

Among the many suggestions he has for the Obama administration is for a moratorium to be declared on government trade and business regulations, and the tax code to be simplified. The corporate tax rate, which is the highest in the world, must be cut, so that the corporate surplus of $1.3 trillion dollars sitting idle in overseas banks, can be brought back to boost the country's failing economy.

The reason, for the hold up of the funds, being that businesses cannot operate effectively (meaning, profitably) under the present tax system; hence, the sitting on that large sum of money.

The sadness of it all is that, many households in America are suffering from the actions of a few, who can afford to withhold the capital investments, and render them (households) jobless.

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are linked to joblessness; and how long lawmakers are willing to wait for the situation to become worse is anybody's guess.

Both sides of the dispute have plans; the American Jobs Act plan and the many plans that the Republicans have devised to date; so, why cannot the government and the opposition sit down and negotiate these sophisticated plans, to get some kind of a deal out of them that will put people back to work?

That is what the president must be talking about; and that is finding a common ground that will help alter the miserable conditions that many families in America are facing. They are losing their homes and filing for bankruptcies all around.

The Republicans must also stop "digging their heels" in dogma or philosophy, and come to the aid of their fellow citizens.

Iran, Libya and North Korea; all must be put on the backburner, until the nation's fiscal issues are made the priorities by both the government and the opposition; and are resolved forthwith. Without that, everything else is secondary. The country's economy is more important.


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