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Updated on May 17, 2012

Unless he chooses to make it so.

Many people remembered when they said, "We are taking our country back," and they thought that the outcry was racial.

That the first African American president has a color problem, and his opponents, mainly members of the Republican Party, were doing all they could to oust him for that.

However, lately, it had dawned on the electorate that President Barack Obama, who was against special interest of any kind would pick up the banner of same-sex marriage advocacy to bring his campaign for reelection down like a house of cards.

In fact, that is where his campaign is at, on the floor; and perhaps he is thinking about how to fix it, and so win his reelection bid.

The question now is, will he survive the onslaught of the a well honed Republican organ that will spare no effort at all to see that he remains a mediocre figure in the eyes of the public, as the national polls are beginning to show?

Where he has had the support of the middle class and working people a few weeks ago, by 51% to 48% against the front runner of the Republican Party nomination race, the odds are now even; and in some cases, he was lagging behind by 3 to 4 percentage points.

His crossing over to support his Vice-president, Mr. Joe Biden, on same-sex marriage has done him in; for his own people, who formed a major part of his base will say "No" to that decision.

He is now falling victim to the advise of his own daughters, Malia and Sasha, who through no fault of theirs, think that their father must have sympathy for a group relenting to transform a long standing institution called marriage.

The young girls still do not know better, but their father being president must have known that the step he is taking will not be beneficial. It will not be acceptable to a whole chunk of his support. Yet, he will take that step and hope that its backlash will not last too long. Well, he will be wrong.

People still love Obama and are very proud of him; but his latest move has come as a surprise even to those not ever willing to vote for him; they being partisan or independent. The rest of the voting public are looking on with gaping mouths and not knowing what the real outcome will be for their leader and the Democratic Party cause.

The country's economy is struggling to find a footing in a world of stern financial conflict; as Wall Street is wobbling in the red for several weeks; with J.P. Morgan/Chase losing a whopping $2 billion dollars in a banking deal that nobody knows where it has come from.

Unemployment is still going against an 8.1% rate, bringing no hope on the horizon that it will fall below the level to give the president some breathing space in his fight to remain in the White House. No president has won an election with unemployment rate that high.

How Obama from now on will handle his situation is anybody's guess; that he has to retract his announcement that he is for same-sex marriage, and that he only has the equality of rights for all Americans in mind, no matter their sexual orientation.

He does not mean to change the meaning of marriage; he wants all citizens to be equally respected; and that his support is for the protection of a group of people that he thinks are being victimized.

That group can still go for "domestic partnership" or "civil union" organization and use that to champion the cause of its members. That marriage is a whole different kettle of fish, and it has got nothing to do with people fighting to gain a place in society.

If Obama can be bold and reverse his decision, and tell Malia and Sasha that the parents of their friends will be alright, if they will choose another approach to get what they want, then he will have a chance in the 2012 presidential election.

The door is not totally closed for him to make amends with those, who have voted for him in 2008, and to regain their confidence; for his fight is not with them.

His fight is against the Republican Party that is shouldering and showcasing a multimillionaire, and asking him to "save" the country. All he knows is to be rich, and the countless of people that are on a warpath to feed their families by going to work each and everyday are not his concern. His holdings in the Cayman Islands and in Swiss banks are what he is liable to think about.

He will give more tax breaks to the wealthy to grow the economy; but that methodology has failed the nation and has brought it to this point, just from four years ago. Americans will not want to go back to that again.

Obama may have thought that his making that kind of announcement will be received by the country as a whole, on the basis that times are changing.

Of course, times are changing, but his Vice-president's assertion that, "a man can marry a man, and a woman, a woman," is still not generally acceptable; and that if he will back away from that idea, he can restore his position as a beloved president.

He will also win his reelection bid; because, no one wants Mitt Romney as president of the United States. For president of Bain Capital is enough for him and his family. They have all they want in this world.

Besides, the Republican Party is not taking back the country using him as its shield. He will not survive the outrage that people have for him and his wealth. He is a tax evader and a cheat.

Americans are not against Obama, because of his race; they are against his holding out to special interests, such as the same-sex marriage community.

The uproar will be loud and cumbersome; but it will die down by November 2012, for him to get reelected, which is more important to the country than any other issue.

They, the people, have placed their confidence in him in 2008; he must return the favor now for his own survival in 2012.


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