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Ideals and objectives of the Indian constitution

Updated on September 13, 2014

Philosophy of the Indian constitution

The philosophy of the Indian constitution is laid down in the preamble, is thus the philosophy of liberal democracy moving towards a welfare state. The constitution is committed to freedom, equality, fraternity and justice. It is guided by the philosophy of liberal democracy, egalitarian and secular society. It aims at building a India which is free of class divisions.

Objective of the constitution

The preamble declares India as a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic. It also contains the ideas and objectives of the constitution such as justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. It is the duty of the Indian state to maintain an environment of justice. Justice has been given the first priority. Where social, political, and economic justice can also become a reality.

The objective of the constitution of India is not to merely secure justice to the people of the country. But also liberty without which human personality cannot be expected to develop fully. The ideal of the constitution is therefore to ensure that the people of the country have the liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship. The fundamental rights laid down in part-III of the India constitution ensure physical and mental freedom to its citizens.

Ideas of the constitution

The Preamble of the India constitution further speaks of the equal status and opportunity for the people. ’Equal status’ refers to equality before law or maintaining a minimum standard in al social economic and political spheres. Another objective of the Indian constitution is to grant equality of opportunity to its people in public services and economic, social and political affairs.

The reference of Fraternity in the India constitution is the sense of common brother hood that runs among all Indians. IT is the thread binds them together. It is that principle of the constitution which gives unity and solidarity to the social life.


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