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''Ideologism'' kills ideologies

Updated on November 30, 2014

Conservatism and Liberalism, two sides of the same coin

Conservatism or Liberalism? That’s about ideology, such a body of doctrine and belief with reference to some political and social plan. In brief, think ‘’Conservatism’’ means that the country should be based on certain values such as sovereign, free, individual success, etc. Liberalism, on the other hand, sustains that the government has to be involved in the population’s lives. Conservatives base their ideology on the fact that people have to exercise their own choices to better themselves. Liberals on the other side consider centralized power by the government as an opportunity to affect great change for good. In this way, it seems like conservatives and liberals approach the solutions to society's challenges in different manner. The truth is that the conservatives share with liberals the same desire for a better society. That’s all. It is not ideologies stuff, a matter of conservatism or liberalism. If the way to build a better society differs, it is a win, not a loss. By their choice and action, people should take care of themselves, but the government cannot be absent by staying so far from the population daily challenges.

It doesn’t mean the government has to shirk responsibility for people and interference in their own lives. Nobody says the government should be his baby-sitter. In no doubt, to get the job done, the government has to make sure that the entire population is happy and worthy. One of the sovereign duties of the government is to ensure the dream of happiness [...]of the population is alive. Talk ideologies, but never ideologism, a neologism referring to the act of arguing or fighting for nothing in favor of some ideologies. At the end of the day, what is more important for the government is to see everyone reach in goals in a safe and worthy country


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