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Idiot Criminals

Updated on May 30, 2012
Tina Powell
Tina Powell
Lafonda Foster
Lafonda Foster

Serial Killer Idiot duo criminals

I recently seen this story on ID (Investigation Discovery) and the first thing that popped into my mind is "they have to be the dumbest women of all time." Two women, both drug addicts and alcoholics, were in search for some money to support their habit. They asked their alcoholic friends for money but when none had any, the game was on. They would then take them hostage and kill all of them.

Lafonda Faye Foster, age 22, and Tina Marie Hickey Powell, age 27, both of Lexington, were the killers. It all started with a night of drinking with five other people, two women and three men. Authorities say all those involved had criminal records and believe robbery was the motive for the mass murders. Lafonda and Tina began asking the five victims for money but none had any. They proceeded to draw a firearm and take all of them hostage in one of the victim's vehicles.

The idiot criminal duo tried to cash one of the victim's social security checks while they were still alive, but didn't bring the owner of the check in with them and were declined. So out and about trying to search for money, they got irritated and decided to kill everyone. The women murdered the victims one by one via gunshots and stabbings, with the last victim burnt by the car they were using. All victims were disposed within miles of each other.

After the idiot criminal duo got finished with their victims, they proceeded to find a place to clean up. Their place of choice to clean up, the Humana Hospital in Lexington lol. Covered in blood, the women went to the hospital restroom to clean the blood off themselves. Hospital staff weren't as stupid as they were though, calling the police and letting them know about the women. They were arrested in the hospital... smh

Carlton Rotach

Carlton Rotach, age 21, had a brilliant plot to kidnap one of his former co-workers and hold her for ransom. The "certified genius" was brewing up a plan that no one could possibly in a million years foil. His first act of accomplishing this plan worth a thousand brain power was to find an accomplice. His accomplice of choice, the Ronin Worldwide Executive Protection agency.

So as he contacted this agency, he asked them to kidnap his former co-worker and hold her hostage, demanding a ransom. The next move a representative from the agency did was the last expected act anyone would think of, calling the police. This idiot criminal then met with who he thought was people from the company, but actually were detectives and SWAT officers. SWAT officers arrested him without incident.

idiot criminal pleads not guilty to theft after placing 22 inch LCD TV in his pants at Walmart and seen by police officer
idiot criminal pleads not guilty to theft after placing 22 inch LCD TV in his pants at Walmart and seen by police officer

Gary M. Simpson

This guy was arrested in Wal-Mart after a police officer spotted him stealing something. The police officer was at the store on an unrelated matter. He spotted Gary Simpson sliding something down his pants. This item was a 22 inch LCD TV.

After being spotted with the LCD TV in his pants, the officer arrested him. I'm pretty sure that cop was crying of laughter when he arrested this guy. But Gary Simpson has an answer to this charge obviously. He pleaded "not guilty" to misdemeanor theft, obstruction and resisting arrest.

Would you rob Chuck Norris?

I recently read a story about two muggers in Texas that tried to rob Chuck Norris at knife point. Okay Chuck was walking down the street alone in 1994 when two men came up. He thought they were looking for autographs so he came up with a smile on his face. The two men reached for their pocket knives and told him to hand over his money. Chuck Norris yells "are you crazy!?"

Crazy they were. These guys were seriously trying to rob Chuck Norris, at a distance where he can get his hands on you. Well we all know what happened next. When police arrived they saw brutally beaten muggers on the ground and Chuck Norris shaking his head at them. The muggers were arrested by taunting officers. That's a lesson they should have learned, you don't mess with Chuck Norris.


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    • profile image

      weather 4 years ago

      all a game

    • Mattallica profile image

      Mattallica 5 years ago from Hollywood

      I laughed at the chuck norris one. Good Stuff

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 5 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      Yes they should have brought firearms instead of something that requires them to be within a reachable distance from Chuck Norris

    • profile image

      Emer420 5 years ago

      Oh man. There are some stupid people out there. I loved this hub. I especially loved the one about Chuck Norris getting robed. Haha.

    • Tim Higgins profile image

      Tim Higgins 5 years ago from Capital Region New York State

      There's a million weird stories out there!


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