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If America Had Remained British: A Timeline - 1785 to 1800

Updated on May 31, 2009

1787: The Federation Constitution is signed. It is a remarkable document outlining the inalienable rights of all the citizens of the Federation. It begins, "We the People of the British Imperial Federation, in the name of our King, in Order to form a more perfect Union..."

1789: The French Revolution is aborted by an invasion from across the British Channel. Federated forces quell the Revolution and place a temporary government of occupation in Paris to keep the peace. King Louis XVI cannot force himself to show gratitude to the British for saving his monarchy and schemes against the Federation. He is executed by redcoats in the Place de la Concorde.

1792: London-appointed French First Consul Maximilien Robespierre in a secret pact with Spanish King Carlos IV simultaneously attack London and New York. The French navy manages to burn Manhattan to the ground, but the Spanish navy is stymied in the Thames and is defeated in the Massacre of Gravesend.

1793: With New York gone, and Philadelphia and Boston not being able to handle the influx of refugees, Viceroy Washington decides to build a new capital south of Baltimore: Georgiana. Of course not named after himself, but the King. The Treaty of Naples cedes the Spanish lands in Southern Italy to the Federation, including the islands of Sardinia and Corsica.

1795: Setting off from the port of Havana, USA Viceroy Washington personally heads a naval armada to seize the Cape Colony in Africa for the Crown from the Dutch. The Viceroy is successful but contracts Hepatitis A which claims his life four years later. The Admiral of his flagship, the HMS Victory, is a brilliant young Corsican military genius named Napoleon Bonaparte who rose to the rank at 25.

1796: Queen Charlotte on behalf of the King provides Bonaparte with the largest navy ever assembled and sends him on a global mission to consolidate the Federation. His first stop is to quell the embers of rebellion in Dublin. He then quickly captures the Netherlands, moves into the Mediterranean to seize Malta and invades Egypt.

1797: Admiral Bonaparte seizes Goa from the Portuguese who are defeated in the massive naval Battle of The Gokarn Temple. Swiftly capitalizing on his momentum, he crushes the Bombay Rebellion and marches into the heart of the Moghuls to eradicate them and demolish the dynasty.

1798: In barely over a year, Napoleon establishes unquestioned British dominion over all of India, including the Princely States. His Rear Admiral and closest friend Horatio Nelson is killed in an ambush near Karachi, but Bonaparte does not strike back out of anger. Under the commendation of Prime Minister William Pitt The Younger, he names Henry Addington Viceroy, but instructs him to govern according to the majority votes of the New Indian Parliament which is housed in a spectacular marble building in the heart of the new capital of Nagpur. Instead of democratic voting, the Hindu representatives will be granted a majority on even years, and the Muslims on odd years. This Napoleonic Formula manages to achieve a lasting peace and harmony on the subcontinent that will last over two centuries.

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