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If America Had Remained British: A Timeline - 1850 to 1880

Updated on May 31, 2009

1851: Gold is discovered in Australia as well, and the flow of riches into the British Crown reaches unprecedented levels.

1853: British American Fleet Admiral Perry arrives in Japan and offers Collaborative Nation Status. Perry is turned down, and the violent British American invasion of Tokyo begins.

1854: Viceroy O'Leary dies of a brain haemorrhage in Bogota. His body is laid alongside First Emissary Napoleon Bonapart in the Crypt of Heroes in Westminster.

1856: At the Peace Treaty Of Kyoto, the British agree to turn over control of Japan to China. Thus begins the 100 Year Asian War where momentum keeps shifting back and forth from Tokyo to Peking (Beijing) for a full century.

1857: The Indian Mutiny is put down by the Bombay and Madras armies with reinforcements from Australia moving against the rebellious Bengal Army.

1859: Queen Victoria signs the autonomous state of Mughal into existence to calm the secessionist northern Indians.

1860: Italian Giuseppe Garibaldi begins the Unification of Europe, combining Germany, Spain, France and northern Italy into a single nation with its capital on neutral soil in an enclave of Geneva, Switzerland.

1861: Maximilian I is named Emperor of Mexico through the subterfuge of the European powers. His imperial standard includes the motto "Texas is Mexican."

1865: American Viceroy Abraham Lincoln, his Secretary of State Jefferson Davis, and Secretary of War Robert E. Lee are assassinated by a crazed Mexican actor who plants a bomb in Ford's Theatre, seeking Texas to be annexed to Mexico.

1867: The Russian American War is sparked by Moscow's invasion of the Aleutians. It is finally settled by the British Americans paying $7 million to the Russians for the return of the Alaskan islands.

1871: Wilhelm I conducts a coup d'etat and names himself Emperor of Europe. Federation forces occupy the Basque lands to establish a beachhead against Wilhelm's ambitions.

1872: France fights a bloody battle to separate from Wilhelm's Europe and passes the French Republican Constitution. In the skirmish France loses most of the Alsace-Lorraine to the Germans.

1873: The Royal British American Mounted Police is formed to maintain order on the northwestern shore and to keep out Russian infiltrators.

1876: Victoria is formally named British American Empress. At the Battle of Little Bighorn, aboriginals supported by secretive Mexican supply lines stretching to Chihuahua state defeat a British American Cavalry led by General George Armstrong Custer. The gold and diamond mines of South Africa pour incalculable wealth into the Federation.

1877: A major invasion of the Mackenzie River Delta during an especially warm summer which melted the Arctic Ocean ice, results in Russian control of vast stretches of Yukon and Alaska provinces.

1878: Although British American forces confronted the Russian invaders in the Battle of Whitehorse, it was Moscow's involvement in the Russo-Turkish War and the necessity to move military forces to the Balkans which ended the Arctic invasion. That war drags on when the Congress of Berlin, called to find a solution to the war, is bombed by a Serbian extremist. Europe loses almost all of its foreign ministers in the blast.

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      8 years ago

      I was wondering when did slavery end if America remained British?


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