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If America Had Remained British: A Timeline - 1890 to 1920

Updated on May 31, 2009

1890: Joint German-Austrian-Italian forces move towards British American possessions in East Africa. Wilhelm II wants to have Heligoland from the Crown in exchange for Uganda, Kenya, and Zanzibar. Federation forces take the three African colonies by force and do not budge from the strategically important Heligoland.

1892: Wilhelm II's hand is secretly behind the newly announced Franco-Russian alliance.

1893: France takes Guinea, Laos and Ivory Coast. British America declares an East African protectorate.

1895: Formosa is the site of vicious battles between the Japanese and Chinese. At year's end, the island is in Japanese hands.

1897: Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. A 220 foot statue of Queen Victoria is constructed on Mont Royal in Montreal but is dynamited by a small French separatist faction. Martial law is declared in the state of Quebec.

1898: Wilhelm II announces the Tirpitz plan to build a navy to challenge the British American one.

1900: Taking advantage of China's military preoccupation to the south and east, Russia with assistance from its French allies and with assistance from Wilhelm II, annexes Manchuria.

1901: Queen Victoria dies, ending the greatest reign of any monarch in modern times. Under her tutelage, the British American Federation has established a peaceful empire which covers nearly half the Earth. Anarchist Leon Czolgosz shoots Viceroy William McKinley Jr. in Buffalo, New York screaming that the Viceroy can now join his precious Queen. Theodore Roosevelt in named the new Viceroy.

1904: Lushun Port is taken by Russia, giving the nation its only warm water, year round, Pacific port.

1906: To stop the infiltration of European troops onto Cuba, British American Federation forces are poured into Cuba from Key Victoria 90 miles to the north.

1907: Lushun Port is a major sticking point, but a detente is announced between Russia and the Federation.

1908: European forces take the Congo Free State. The Balkans start to fall into anarchy and violence.

1909: Joint European forces take Morocco as part of an ongoing annexation of Arab lands.

1910: Japan takes Korea. The Federation allows South Africa to become a united province.

1912: The Balkans fall into full scale warfare. Joint European forces take Libya in a plan to create a series of colonies ringing the southern half of the Mediterranean. From its bases in Gibraltar, Malta, Corsica, Sardinia, Egypt, Palestine, and Cyprus, the British American navy masses to prevent this seizure of the southern Mediterranean.

1914: As Europe and the Federation seem at the brink of all out war, a Serbian nationalist named Gavrilo Princip shoots Wilhelm II. A decapitated Europe sues for peace, and the Federation accepts Germany's Septemberprogramm, which outlines the demilitarization of the continent.

1915: Japan makes twenty one demands on China in order to end their war which has lasted 59 years so far and devastated both nations. China replies by invading and burning Kagoshima.

1916: Although the European peace applies to that continent, colonial frictions continue to flare up. After prolonged fighting the Germans are expelled from Kenya.

1917: Russian Tsar Nicholas II has Marxist revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Lenin executed for treason. Over a million Bolsheviks are exiled to Siberia. Both China and Japan attack the Russian fleet at Lushun Port, elminating it and destroying the port facilities so that the Russians cannot use them.

1919: King George V travels to France to attend the Treaty of Versailles, where Russia, Europe and the British American Federation agree to respect their current borders and cease warfare in the colonies by forming the League of Nations.

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