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If America Had Remained British: A Timeline - 1920 to 1950

Updated on May 31, 2009

1920: Adolf Hitler takes a leading role in the National Socialist Party to oppose what he claims is the stultification of German ambition in the Treaty of Versailles and advocates the departure of Germany from the League of Nations.

1923: Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch is narrowly prevented by German security forces acting on Federation information. Hitler and Benito Mussolini are arrested for treason against the League of Nations and imprisoned in a fortified Federation prison in Cuba.

1925: The signatories to the League of Nations agree to the Treaty of Locarno which calls for economic and material aid to Germany to allow it to tear down its military infrastructure in order to become an industrial superpower.

1927: Tsar Nicholas II puts down an abortive revolution led by Stalin, who is also exiled to a Siberian Gulag.

1930: The First Round Table on Indian autonomy is held, with Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, and Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald agreeing that greater elements of swaraj, or self rule, will be implemented by 1935, while India remains the Jewel In The British Crown.

1931: Japan takes Manchuria from the Russians and uses it as a base to attack northern China.

1934: The Purified National Party which advocates apartheid in South Africa is rendered illegal and forcibly disbanded.

1935: Partial swaraj is granted to India.

1937: Arabs and Jews launch a massive conflict in Palestine. Prime Minister Chamberlain visits the region as a last ditch diplomatic effort before calling in Federation troops. Japan begins its massive invasion of mainland China, conducting the Rape of Nanking.

1938: The Munich Peace Accords call for a ceasefire in Palestine and a five year plan to keep Arabs and Jews coexisting in Palestine.

1940: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway are granted greater autonomy by the European continental congress located in Berlin.

1941: Viceroy Franklin Delano Roosevelt meets with the Joint Japanese and Chinese Generals at Pearl Harbor to attempt to broker a peace treaty in the Asian War which is now 85 years old. No agreement is reached.

1942: Instead of seeking greater peace, Japan and China take the Federation territories of Singapore, Malaya and Burma. The Federation navy wins a decisive victory over the Japanese at Midway.

1944: Burma is recaptured by the Federation Navy. Japan takes Tianjin and joining its forces already in Manchuria marches towards Peking (Beijing).

1945: With a Japanese invasion force about to take its capital, China drops nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Japanese invasion force is immediately recalled. The League of Nations becomes the United Nations.

1946: Federation forces retake Singapore and Malaya.

1947: The Second Round Table implements the foundation of a Muslim state in the eastern and western extremities of India. The new state is called West Muslim Britannia and East Muslim Britannia. Nehru, Gandhi, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill agree to further implementation of partial swaraj. The United Nations brokers a New Palestine with a shared Arab and Jewish capital in Jerusalem, resolving the long standing animosities.

1949: Chiang Kai Shek and Mao Tse-Tung (Zedong) face off in the Chinese Civil War. Mao insists that Japan should be eradicated, Chiang seeks a diplomatic peace treaty with Japan to end the long foreign war.

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