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If America Had Remained British: A Timeline - 1950 to 1975

Updated on May 31, 2009

1950: Lushun Port is taken by the Federation navy which uses it as a base to stop a Korean War.

1952: Federation armies put down the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya.

1953: Stalin dies in detention. Mussolini had died years earlier. The Federation navy begins a policy of destroying both Chinese and Japanese military installations in order to force the long Asian War to an end.

1955: The Warsaw Pact establishes a British American Federation sphere of influence in various eastern European countries.

1956: Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are killed in an attempt to free Adolf Hitler from his Cuban prison cell. The aging Fuhrer had been smuggling chapters of his long tome Mein Kampf from the jail for decades, sparking a small but vocal movement of New Socialists. Prime Minister Eden brokers a peace treaty between China and Japan, ending the 100 Year Asian War. Both nations are ravaged after a century of war, and the Eden Plan is implemented to provide humanitarian and reconstruction aid. Chang Kai Shek is named Governor of Eastern China, while Mao Tse-Tung becomes Governor of Western China.

1957: The European Economic Community is formed with a Western branch formed by Germany, Benelux, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece, while the Eastern branch is Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania and Bulgaria.

1959: The Northern branch of the European Economic Community is formed from the Baltic and Scandinavian nations.

1960: OPEC is formed under Federation rule to ensure the world has a reliable and low-priced supply of petroleum products.

1962: Viceroy John F. Kennedy visits Cuba to inaugurate the Cuban Missile Shield designed to protect the Caribbean from invasion.

1963: Viceroy Kennedy and Russian Czar Krushchev I sign the mutual non aggression pact which ensures a lasting peace between Russia and the Federation.

1965: Federation forces are ordered to the Federation Collaborative Nation of Vietnam by Viceroy Kennedy to put down a rebellion against British alliance by Ho Chi Minh. Prime Minister Macmillan holds the Victoria conference to defuse tensions between India and East and West Muslim Britannia.

1966: The Cultural Revolution in China is launched by the Federation as a continuation of the Eden Plan. Thousands of volunteer teachers from all over the British American Federation are sent to China to educate its people and bring about academic and industrial development.

1967: Japan rejects a similar educational initiative to China's and sinks into isolationist poverty.

1968: The Tet Educational Offensive is launched in Vietnam, paralleling the Cultural Revolution in China. By popular acclamation, the British American Federation Constitution is amended to allow Viceroy Kennedy to continue in Office.

1969: Belfast is named International City of Peace as an example to the world of peaceful coexistence between Protestant and Catholic antagonists.

1972: East Muslim Britannia is renamed British Bangladesh. The Federation Corps of Engineers begin a massive levy project to keep the country safe from flooding.

1973: The British American Federation annexes the European Economic Community to form the Eastern Hemisphere Union. The capital of the Union is set in Edinburgh, and construction is launched on the massive Hemispheric Parliament Buildings on Queen's Drive backing onto Holyrood Park, now renamed Unity Park. Each nation within the new Union is autonomous but a consistent system of legislation and regulation is applied to standardize operations across the Hemisphere, while foreign affairs and defense is handled by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a joint operation of the Eastern and Western parts of the British American Federation.

1974: Viceroy Kennedy dies of natural causes at the Watergate Hotel, placing America in mourning.

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