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Is Covid-19 Being Used as a Tool in a Global Political/Economic Crisis?

Updated on May 19, 2020
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Image by jorono from Pixabay
Image by jorono from Pixabay

We talk about brainwashing as though it were a bad thing. Everyone is brainwashed. Everyone is indoctrinated. The only question is whether we are indoctrinated with facts or fiction.

-- Josh Steimle

Is It a Pandemic With a Virus -- or a Pandemic With Lies?

All of us old-timers remember the era of the "Cold War", the one between Western and Eastern Block. No guns were fired, the war was strictly psychological and ideological, but that time certainly carried an emotional charge of some big existential uncertainties.

It got to its peak with that infamous "Cuban Crisis", when one hot-headed decision on either side could have led to a potential annihilation of life on earth.

Now, without any chance of a "hot" turnout, but could a major misleading of the global masses result in anything like a worldwide "Cold Revolt Movement"? Being a pacifist, I wouldn't even hint at anything "hot".

However, that Cold War is giving us an example of how long and persistent may be an intolerance between two ideologically opposite masses. Could we see something like that again, but this time between the intelligent, awakening masses, and the manipulators of this world?

Of course, here I am talking about a pretty reasonable possibility that this corona outbreak could prove to be much less of a "catastrophic pandemic" than we have been led to take for a fact.

Namely, I am surely not the only one observing the numbers made public about the fatalities, many of which are turning out to be false, and with some others not really painting a convincing picture of a "pandemic".

My main argument from previous articles on this theme is still holding water -- about the sharp difference between number of people dying worldwide at any regular flu season, as compared with the number of deaths from corona.

There is nothing of a taste of "conspiracy theorizing" in the simple fact that during a regular yearly flu season up to 650,000 people die worldwide, whereas much less than half of that number have died from this corona.

Ironically, that would make corona much, much less of a "pandemic" than what we have year after year -- when none of these incredible preventative measures were enforced.

What we are witnessing these days is a huge machinery of fear mongering set in motion and warning us about a "potential threat of our extinction". In a fact that's evident from numbers, all those flu seasons of previous years qualify much more to be called a "serious pandemic".

If you have been carefully following the narratives about those "impressive" numbers, you could have noticed that the bigger emphasis is on the people "being infected", than on people actually dying from the virus -- whatever its real nature may be.

So, when we hear that over a million people worldwide "tested positive" -- to us it appears as a scary number, but how much weight is really in that claim? Think about it. Every doctor may tell you that "being infected doesn't mean being sick". As a matter of simple biology, we are all "infected" at all times by an ugly variety of those microscopic critters -- so what.

Plus, there is an enormous number of those who do have some symptoms, but are experiencing only something that most of us are experiencing during colder weather, when the house heating is drying the air, which makes bugs do their thing in our respiratory system.

For Pete's sake, not every sniffle qualifies to be added to this corona craze.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Are you a politician, or lying just runs in your family?

-- Fannie Flagg

Join Me at Playing an Uneducated Political Observer

Don't take me wrong, I honestly know nothing about politics, being just an uneducated observer like the rest of you -- which includes all those who "think" they know something about that highly secretive game at the highly unknown top.

So, when I am yapping here about some possible political scenarios, I don't want to be taken seriously -- just add it to the political stories with which you are entertaining yourself these days.

What I would like to remind you about is this fact that China has become a huge competitor on the world market. Do we agree about that? And would we also agree that some measures have already been taken to weaken their economy -- of course, under some excuses to justify those measures? While we are at those excuses, remember the one about "Canada being a threat to American national security"? -- which made necessary those tariffs on steel and aluminum.

While success is usually highly praised on this side of the globe, it's only so if we are the ones being successful -- whereas our successful competitors must be "an evil enemy".

Those astronomical tariffs, sanctions, and surely some other tricks not publicly mentioned, and which I wouldn't recognize even if I saw them in action -- all had the purpose of knocking the new economic giant on his knees.

These days we are already noticing in mainstream news -- where else -- that "China will have to pay for spreading of corona". I am not here to call it right or wrong, actually I am never called upon to justify-or-not anything -- but it simply appears that corona is already used as a political tool.

Which should make every thinking person ask themselves about any other covert games being played right in front of our noses -- without us being able to recognize them.

Like, what if corona is also just a maneuver performed by the big bankers of the world or the other elite figures and groups? What if the World Health Organization was told to proclaim an ordinary, somewhat stronger virus of "yearly" variety to be potentially "catastrophic" for the mankind?

Am I sounding too "conspiracy-theoretical" to you? Hey, don't be so critical, look for yourself. Why did preventative measures go as far as destroying some businesses, rising unemployment, and generally creating a chaos in the global economy?

Prior to both world wars, economies were in a deep depression, and war was "necessary" to start things all over -- in my lay-person language. And, since another world war is impossible these days because of the presence of those nukes keeping the peace, these drastic measures based on a big lie may have been implemented to initiate that "starting it all over".

To my politically-amateurish mind, that was explaining why all governments agreed to play along -- despite enormous losses. Namely, they must have been told that the sacrifices would not only replace a world war, but would in a long run recuperate their economies in some delightful ways.

Now, not knowing about any options available, somehow I believe that much less painful options did exist for the little guys like you and me -- but well, if world wars didn't look like sacrifices -- why would one "pandemic", with all this charade of protection being enforced?

Anyway, how is all this for a little political speculation? O.K. it sucks, but that's the only one I could think of, so you think of your own.

Does some 250,000 dead people justify all that? Hey, people die from many causes, and we already know that it has become a "medical fashion" to call every dead person a "victim of corona". A person with a compromised immune system may have died from anything else -- while also testing positive for corona. Like one doctor said it: "People don't die 'from' corona, but 'with' corona".

Recently a member of Italian parliament raised a hell -- as seen on a you tube video -- blasting the government over lying to the Italian people and to the world about those 25,000 corona deaths in Italy. He said how his investigation showed most of those deaths being caused by "regular" diseases.

Who else of some credentials or authority will be next to point at a possible political game?

Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay
Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system. For if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

-- Henry Ford

How Pissed Can People Be When Lied to -- if Not Already Used to It?

In the dynamics of human emotional nature, it is a known fact that fear often turns into an anger. These two emotions are actually two sides of the same coin presenting our fight-or-flight survival mechanism.

While I am not contending that any of it may be a "sure" sign of a political crisis caused by some highest financial shot-callers -- nothing really prevents me from questioning the illogical nature of those fatality numbers, and the extent of prevention resulting with business and job losses.

So, just for a sheer fun of guessing, how would people of the world act if the evidence, or a lack of it, flips that coin from fear to anger? Internet becoming more and more of a source of information, with doctors able to speak up freely, not censored by the mainstream media -- what could be the result of people being pissed off with false presentation of seriousness of corona?

I called such a possibility a "cold revolt movement", and that's what it might turn into. But then, being lied to might just add to already existing mistrust towards authorities. Look, at election times we are not talking anymore about an "ideal" leader, but "choosing the smaller of the two evils".

And we know that the candidates are not really speaking from their true convictions, but all those speeches are written for them by those political wizards who know every trick of winning the public heart. Cliches of those speeches might as well be in a big part copies of previous elections.

As for the World Health Organization, it might completely lose its authority in the eyes of the peoples of the world. Talking about their vaccines... hmm... I don't know why vaccines always make me think about fluoride in drinking water which makes us stupid; or GMO in our food which ruins our health -- and why WHO never cared to stop any of it.

Or why WHO never did anything about the almighty Big Pharma's making all that toxic crap that passes for prescription drugs? Are they really working for our health, as their name would suggest, or for you-know-whom? I don't know, I am just an old fart having fun with all kind of thoughts.

And then who knows, maybe people would demand some amendments in their respective constitutions that would hold the governments liable for misleading the public.

And maybe there would be voices demanding that news media minimize their cashing in on human fears with their notorious tactics of reporting mostly crappy stuff, and by doing so, compromising public mental health. Namely, a holistic psychiatrist already has said that "this is a fear pandemic, not a viral one, and people are dying from fear".

You don't believe it? Try remembering how some panicky folks started poisoning themselves by drinking detergents -- " all to save themselves from the virus".

What I am saying is that this unprecedented intensity of alarmism might result with a turning point in people's patience with manipulation by authorities, with an "enough-is-enough" echo around the globe.

But then, hey, not so fast Val -- something totally opposite may happen. Maybe, after it's over, just like after both world wars -- everybody will be simply happy to have come out of it with an alive ass. Nobody ever asking what big money was involved in those 50-something million people killed in the war -- and even more of them traumatized -- while also not caring what big money will call the shots in the years to come.

Namely, people have been known for merely mumbling something political between first two beers -- and after the fourth one switching to sports results.

Well, should another "corona" befall us, it will be again just "suffering as usual". -- Cheers everybody!

© 2020 Vladimir Karas


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