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If Dr. King had a Dream - I have a Nightmare

Updated on September 7, 2011

If Dr King Had a Dream

I Have a Nightmare

On the eve of the celebration of the monument to grace our nation’s capital, I don’t see too much to celebrate. While the talented ten will always rise to the challenge and be successful; I can say with certainty that is not the truth and life of the average African American. In 2011 the president of the United States is still sometime regarded as boy amongst other racist terms others have crowned upon his head. Where are we in America today?

At a time when we should strive for success – I see the hopelessness of our future. The embrace of the single family household. The pursuit of materials over values and the thirst to obtain items that depreciate in value to judge one another. Absence of the community environment we once valued so dearly. Hatred displayed in social and business arenas against those who look like you. Coldness between men and women in relationships. Still today we have slaves who persecute their own and serve others with the greatest appreciation. We will hate your appearance and devalue any features that remind us of the motherland. The heart of a black woman who loves and has family values no longer exist. Self respect and honor has left the foundation of our women. A generation without substance - raising their seeds in foolishness, dishonor, and lack of knowledge.

Those of us who are sane are nearly drive to exile by the majority of enslaved freed people who value looks over substance, vehicles over property, empty rhetoric over knowledge/goals, and fake presentation over truth /honesty. Those who embrace change – knowledge-vision –wisdom are “lost” in this new self destructive generation of misguided men and women.

If Dr. King had a dream – I have a nightmare.

Tears in our children’s eyes from neglect while you work a second job for a hot ride. Mothers walking around (unmarried) with young children in daisy dukes and 7’ pumps. Men who have given up on holding themselves to higher standards displaying tights jeans – sagging-with a belt on …..utter confusion in their thought process. Teenagers and young people with tattoos from head to toe ensuring ostracism from certain careers and opportunities in their lives. The frat’s and soror's who act as modern day house negro’s –only choosing to help their own kind – while silently watching the destruction of others.

Love is absent from our homes. A coldness and web of ulterior motive smells in the air. Seeds born to this chill have little chance of achieving greatness or even having an idea of the power of true love in a relationship.

While a few of us “get it” even the one’s that do can’t claim knowledge and wisdom absent of action.

Blood continues to spill in the streets by our own hands in record numbers – black on black crime. It’s as if African Americans are trying to destroy the image they see in the mirror – themselves.

Jealousy and hatred are at an all time high. It’s so bad that people are upset when they encounter African American people who carry themselves with pride perhaps because they are jealous or wish they could be free to be who they are instead of seeking approval from every random stranger.

The black elite buy their heads. Refusing to acknowledge what is not their reality. Did the dream die?

We stand by the pool of confusion

-materialism (with the lowest household income compared to other races)

-crabs in a barrel



-regionalism and inferiority complexes


Those with knowledge refuse to acknowledge the drowning even though it would be effortless for them to throw life jackets to others. It’s like the scene in the Titanic where there were plenty of boats to save more souls but all the rich did was make sure they were as far from the ship as possible.

I wonder. Am I the only one who takes time to talk to others and listen to their stories? Without thought or concern of affiliation, education, regionalism or national origin – I share knowledge that might help. If I did not what type of ugly person would I be; parading as if I am nice filled with evil intent and an ice cold heart? Why would I not want to share knowledge with others to help them – thus helping their future/household and being the person I would want others to be?

I have no joy in your failures. I have no desire to not see you succeed. Helping others is helping your own joy to increase. How ugly would I be to watch you drown and care not at all to try to help? The tools to success are what helps others and if you share that knowledge you will not feed a man for the day but teach him the tools to never go hungry again.

Did the dream die?

Am I the only one who can see through clear eyes?

Not only would Dr. King be speechless but so would Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, and many others who tried to advance the life of the person of color.

Did the dream die?


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    • realtalk247 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Dear Levertis,

      My point was not to blame others for all the current conditions and sufferages. Everyday, I like others, make a determination to be a good human being. My parents taught me morals, values, belief in myself, beauty within, and how to plan for the future. Accountability must take place at some time for some people.

      I never implied that babies were demons. I'm not sure how you reached this conclusion based on my writing? My thought was raising kids in poverty without structure/money and without thought is a harmful way to raise a healthy productive person. Children are a blessing.

      I can't point the fingers back at myself because I do not operate without thought or process. I share resources and tips with total strangers, I try and volunteer my time, I try to inspire others to reach their dreams, and try to be a decent human being. While I am not perfect, I would love to see more people in this world like me rather than not. I'm not brainwashed and I AM the person I would like others to be so that comment doesn't apply to me. Like I mentioned before there are a few people who understand the world is round and our decisions have consequences.

      As far as black leaders, yes they are lacking. Although I was not raised to follow leaders but further the example my parents set for me.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      TeaPartyCrasher.....feel free to post my hub.

      To American Romance I am aware that the democratic party was not created to assist people of color and most people are unaware of this. The agenda was to draw "people of color" by the addition of "social welfare" programs. Now I can't agree w/ calling Jackson/Sharpton thugs.

      Our issues are just that - our issues. Dem/ goes far beyond that to the fundamental hatred african american people display and have for themselves that spills out also with interaction with other cultures.

    • TeaPartyCrasher profile image


      7 years ago from Camp Hill, PA


      Now you;ve done it--attracted one of HP's biggest 'Tea Twits'.

      Either ignore him or CRASH HIM!

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      7 years ago from America

      .........The African community will never turn because they never open their eyes and "get it"! Forty years of voting for Democrats has gotten the black community to where? ......Has life improved for you? Worst culture in America, 40% unemployment, most abortions, most in prison, most commiting violent crimes, most with aids, most without a daddy in the home, and on and on! When did it get the worst for blacks? When they left the party that fought for them over the past hundred years and went to the Democrat side because of handouts! Democrats ran the KKK, It was Republicans who spent their lives fighting for Civil Rights! It was a Democrat Governor in the sixties that called out the national guard to keep 6 black children from entering school! When Blacks stop looking up to Sharpton, Jackson and thugs like them, things will change!

    • TeaPartyCrasher profile image


      7 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

      You touched on this, perhaps again, but negelected to mention a pop-culture that glorifies the types of deviancy you speak of.

      I'd like to maybe put this on my FaceBook, if that's OK with you.


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