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If I Were President of the US

Updated on February 27, 2009

A collection of "To do" things

What prompted this was watching Stevie Wonder give his command performance for the new US President, obviously a big fan of Wonder's long before Obama thought of being President. Clearly, Obama has an agenda of things he personally wants to rectify while he has the power. Probably many things are based on events that shaped his life as he grew up, injustices being half White and Black and so on.

So, if I were President, my to do things would be:

1. For my command performance for music, I would personally request to talk with Paul McCartney, Sean and Julian Lennon, Ringo Starr and ask if they would perform a tribute to The Beatles, one last time. The songs requested would be: You Can't Do That, Paperback Writer, Drive My Car, Revolution, I Want You (She's So Heavy), The Word. It would be such an awesome musical media event, the next best thing to The Beatles.

2. Pakistan: In my meeting with the head of the Pakistani Army and its President, I would clearly express great displeasure about the performance of its army in fighting terrorism in the border area. I would ask, why cannot Pakistan secure and be aggressive in the infested areas? why is there a lack of political will? Why does the army negotiate truces with the enemy? why do they use 2nd line troops to do this tough job? Further, I would tell them, America will not allow the terrorists to take over Pakistan with its nukes. I would tell them that I am not afraid to use US troops on their soil, whether invited or not. I would tell them, they need to step up to the plate and do the job or the billions of US dollars will vanish.

3. Afghanistan: Basically, send more troops in and continue asking for real commitments from the NATO countries, not token forces. If our friends are not willing to tow the line, then, maybe the US should let Afghanistan fail also.

4. Auto Company Bailout: As my dad would say, "the bank is closed". No more bailout money for GM and Chrysler until you show you can do it without. If you cannot, file bankruptcy. But, do not expect any more taxpayer money.

5. Stimulas Package: Do what Obama is doing and wait and see.

6. Health care: I would nationalize it . Make it available to all with service levels based upon the individual's taxable income. Those with no job, illegal immigrants receive the bare minimum only.

7. Iraq: Maintain the force levels now. I would NOT announce when the withdrawals would be and when our last day is there. I would let this info remain secret as one gradually removes troops. All the terrorists have to do now is wait, redirect their offensive towards Afghanistan and Pakistan, giving the impression they have given up in Iraq. When the US is gone, they will be back.


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