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If I ruled the USA

Updated on December 16, 2016


Changing you're perspectives on a world and government you have lived in for so long to you controlling it and being the president is hard but very interesting. There is so many things to think about like taxes, war and the government itself. For me I would change a lot of things in our government. I mean of course most people want to end discrimination , inequality, sexisma, racism and even a lot more of the big issues we have today. The question is how would you end those and get people to follow the laws?
I would change the power that the government has. Currently they are giving themselves to much power. The government is suppose to be here to help support our country, and make it a better place not hurt us and spy on everything we do. I feel like they are trying to control us with all these new tracking devices they are creating. All the power and freedom they have with tapping into our phones and conversations that are personal to us is not right in any shape or form. We have a right to speech and freedom, Sometimes we are never given our full rights or the rights we deserve. For example there are rumors going around where people think we are going to be given chips in the near future that are getting tracked everywhere we go. Some think it will be for medical reasons. It will give paramedics and people in the health service are information in case we are ever severely hurt or can't talk for some medical reason. No matter if this is true or not it is not right for the government to control our personal lives. We are citizens not their robots that they can do experiments on.

Of course we need taxes to help our economy and pay for things like fixing roads, medical care, Social security and other important things like that. I would think about changing it to the rich are taxed a slight difference not to much more to make them move, but enough to give the poor a little bit of a break. For example maybe three or four percent higher than everyone else. I will also change the amount of taxes that are taken out for students who claim exempt and give us a break for those who are in school becoming young adults. We get pushed into this world with no help while the people who don't work get all the help.
I would change that the people who don't work because they don't want to or try don't get help like they do now. The people who deserve help usually don't get it. I would evaluate and change programs like welfare and wic. Also our social security system as well. The government in my eyes should help the people who are not trying they should help the ones who are working or the ones who are tying their best to find a job or support their children.
I will also change the lengths on some crime sentences. For example someone who kills someone or attempts to kill someone should get a longer sentence than someone who is doing drugs or doing things to try and support their family. . If the victim is a child or minor the sentences will also be harsher or longer. I will also change that just because someone snitches they won't get a minor cut down in their sentence especially if it is a harsh crime. They will get some type of reward but not big enough where a eight year sentence gets cuts down to six months in the workhouse. For example don't understand how if you murder someone you get minimum twenty five years and max sixty years, but if you assault a pregnant person and it results in termination of the baby you only get minimum ten years and maximum twenty five years. Murder is murder no matter the age of the person.
Sexual assault and rape is a big problem within our country. There is no set sentences for people who rape others. Usually they are given around ten years and only serve about half of that. That right there is telling us that it is okay to go around and sexual assault people or rape women especially. We are teaching the generation after us that it is okay to sexualize women and go against their will and harm them. I would change what media can put on t.v and change the penalty for rape.
Women in today's society gets paid less than men do for the same job. Yes, what women earn for every dollar men make have improved a lot but it is still not equal. America is all about the country of equal opportunity but yet we fail to reach that. Our country had misrepresented us in great values. Women earn .72 cents for every dollar men earn which cause a big gap in average wages between genders. People believe it will take women forty-four years to catch up to the wages men wage which I believe is the most stupidest thing every and this will be one of the first things I would change if I ruled the USA. I would make sure that women get paid the same as men like they did in 2014 but enforce by the federal so that way it will be a federal offense if anyone was found not following this law. Even though they had make this law many employers still do not follow it. I will also enforce that women and men get paid leave for having a baby, because they still need money to support that baby but nurture it especially when it's born. The father help make the baby to.
I would change the fact that alcohol being legal and marijuana not being legal. Currently in the united states alcohol is legal throughout the country and marijuana is not. Marijuana is legal in some states but will never be legal by the fda. I would evaluate the statistics of drugs and the deaths involved with them.I would take a close look at the distribution of medical and recreational drugs. Alcohol has caused a lot of car accidents and deaths and tore apart many homes, in my eyes alcohol is almost as dangerous as meth. While marijuana is getting approved for medical marijuana and to help pain. California you can get medical marijuana for just simple menstrual cramps but you can't even get a sleeping pill for sleeping problems.
Those are my thoughts and beliefs of our government today. That is what I would change and how I would change them. Everyone has different thoughts and perspectives on today's world and the issues surrounding it but you can only fix one thing at a time.


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