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If I've Said it Once, How much More?

Updated on February 25, 2012

Will You Ever Hear?

Proactrdv Gets On His Soapbox

You know what really pisses me off? I get ticked off when I keep hearing about things that I"ve talked about that no one ever seems to care about but me. Why? Because it is, if you will pardon me, damn right disgusting that's why! So what about this thing about Pen State and Joe Paterno and the abused children? I've been saying and I have said it all along that we treat notariety and fame whether it is a high ranking organization, an institutation, or a person as if they are glorified and they can't be touched.

I've asked in my hubs what is real justice? So what does it mean? Is there really justce for all? We must contain lawlessness by administraters, athletes, lawers, judges, district attournes, politicians, and any one with some kind of clout or strong influence due to status, or ruling majority. This must stop! We cannot allow people to continue to buy their way out of serving their justice due them. I don't care if its football players, basketball players, congressmen, political candidates, celebrites, or what? Wealth as well as people who create wealth needs to be put aside in honor of true justice.

We cannot continue to besmirch the characters of people who have become victims of high profile individuals or cover up crimes of people who have been victimized just for the sake of some organization or institution.

So this is one nation under God, That's just warmed over bullsh.....t and we know it. Love thy neighbor as thy self? What ever happened to God fearing law abiding citizens? Serving God and country, so what about it?

We have a governing body that has shrouded itself in luxury, to allowing itself to bounce hudge checks, to hording away huge stashes of chash for their own retirementment, even while investing and making themselves even richer while states, cities, and towns struggle and go backrupt and still you have idiots out there who say you ought to go out and get a job. How far are we willing to go when it comes to protocol?

A goverment for the people, of the people, and by the people? We have a stupid House of representives and Senate who'd rather bash the comander-in-chief and qurell amongst one another because of being sore losers and just plain raciests. In the meantime, the hell with this country. People are cought up in so much selfshiness and being self centered that nothing really matters anymore. Everyone's just stop listening to each other and have totally lost focus of whta this country and its constitution is all about.

There is nothing wrong with wealth or obtaining success but somethings gone aerie with our system structure. There is no fair and balanced taxation, no fair and balanced justic or oversight as to punishment of people who break the law even repeatedly.

Will it ever change? The anser is a disappointing no. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that.

"......We hold these truths to be slef evident that all men are created equal." Well all I can say that if it's in God we trust I hope he doesn't turn out to be a hypocrite because right now even if we turn out to be mistaken in trusting in God he still holds out more hope than what's been generated here.

Yeah, I get a little pissed off sometimes.


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