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If Kal Penn Can Work For Obama So Can I!

Updated on April 14, 2009


So the recent news that “actor” (you’ll notice I put it in quotes because I’m not sure how great an actor Kal Penn is but that shouldn’t stop him from getting a stint on The Actors’ Studio with James Lipton) is giving up his acting career to work for President Obama in the what seems like a made up department of The Office of Public Liaison & Intergovernmental Affairs office. I don’t know exactly what he’s going to be doing but I’m sure I could do it just as well. If Kal Penn can work for Obama so can I! – Don’t Get Me Started!

Okay, you’ll forgive me for sounding like a Republican for a moment but with all the people out of work right now, shouldn’t Obama be hiring the unemployed instead of actors from Hollywood who want to dabble in public service? I get that Kal Penn is going to apparently take a rather large pay cut from his Hollywood gigs but he’s about the only one who can afford to do that at the moment. I’m sure he’s still getting residuals from those Harold and Kumar movies and although his character committed suicide on the television show “House” last week I’m sure when they make this season available on DVD he’ll get a nice huge chunk of money for that too.

The other side of that is that perhaps he’ll be really good at this job. Who knows what this job is but perhaps his comedic as well as acting experience will pay off as he liaisons and intergovernmentals himself through life at the White House. One thing’s for sure, most likely he won’t have to walk the new Presidential pooch, which I suppose is something.

And maybe that’s what Obama should do; fill his open positions with actors who have been overpaid so they can afford to work for less. Look at our congressmen (and women) who have great health benefits, make huge salaries and yet they talk about “representing” the people from their districts that don’t have a dime to rub together and are homeless. Maybe we need some rich people in there who make small salaries because they really do just want to serve their country and don’t need the money. Just a thought.

Perhaps I’ve gotten too immersed into the culture of the reality television that I watch. When you see someone on a reality show you’re almost always thinking, “Gee, I could do that. Why doesn’t someone pay me to sit in a house with fourteen strangers and cause a bunch of drama?” I think that’s the same reason people without any talent continue to audition for shows like American Idol. There’s a whole “what’s so special about them” feeling that I don’t think we used to have about actors, celebrities, etc. Call me gayer than gay but I know why Judy Garland was a star, Miley Cyrus not so much.

Look, I wish Kal Penn all the luck in the world and I’m sure he could care less what I think about his new chapter in his life as a political figure. Frankly I think he’ll do better than Joaquin Phoenix will do with his hip hop career. And there’s a part of me that likes the White House starting to resemble the show the West Wing. I always thought the writing was great on that show and it actually taught me everything I know about politics. (Be afraid, be very afraid….but I don’t think I’m alone here) So congrats Kal Penn and maybe there should be more there with you. I’d like to see Julia Roberts as the head of something in the White House ‘cause she’s pretty and I like her laugh. I’m sure there’s some position in the Department of Toothy Smiles for her. And Mickey Rourke should have a job in the Department of the Interior (because his exterior has been plastic surgeried beyond recognition). Let’s go ahead and cast the rest of the jobs in the Obama administration like we would a television show, with celebs that don’t need the money. This way we save money on their salaries, not having to pay money to see their bad movies and it makes the White House just more attractive on the whole. Still, there’s a part of me that feels if Kal Penn can work for Obama so can I! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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