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The Path Of Fear Is Dead - Let It Go

Updated on May 18, 2013

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

~~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Citizens of the U.S. --

There is another way than continuing to do the same things we have done that didn't work. Every one of us has wisdom within us, but those we elect must have the greatest wisdom of all because we are depending on them to do what is best for us. I believe it is time to change our approach as a nation. I believe it is time to create a new path, not continue to take the way of the past. That path is dead. We must let it go.

It consumes too much of our planet's resources when the leaders of countries can't just talk to each other. We both know that things must change on a grand scale. We do not have unlimited financial means and the U.S. cannot continue to amass trillions more in debt, making war on other countries, so that civilian military contractors can siphon off all our assets.

We must be the principal in promoting wisdom in the ways of world leadership for the future. We cannot persist in wasting lives and huge sums of money to hurt each other. If each of us votes for people who are committed to communication with other world leaders instead of using force and intimidation, that would be a trail worth blazing so that generations to come would have a path worth following over the course of time.

I see what goes on in much of the world and those in power have lost sight of what is important. Human life is important, but having more people will not improve the experience of the masses. Working together to make sure everyone receives the education and assistance they need would be a much better use of the trillions of dollars that are currently spent to promote violence in the world.

World War II Memorial
World War II Memorial

Stop Following The Path of Destruction...

The people we elect have everything to do with the fear and violence we promote on this planet. They are the ones saying how we are going to spend everyone's money to torment those we will not accept. I would like to see a politician with the courage to say "enough is enough! We will start talking to our neighbors and those across the globe instead of spending trillions of dollars to go over to someone else's country and wreak havock on them."

Our elected officials are our voice to the world. Do you really want them to keep saying we are going to destroy you? It is time for us to search out uncharted territory where world politics is concerned. It is time for us to be creative in our dealings with others. The U.S. could be the light that changed everything if we would. And, it is time we took that road instead.

I know some people's skin must be crawling at this point. Ask yourself what you are getting from promoting violence between the U.S. and other countries. Are you okay with your sons and daughters being sent half way around the world to kill and intimidate people? If you are, then you need to reevaluate your standards because it is unacceptable to have children you are willing to sacrifice to the cause of hate and fear.

Stop teaching violence! Stop being a co-conspirator in your childrens' destruction.

The path of fear is dead ... let it be forever buried in the past.


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    • CreatePerfection profile image

      CreatePerfection 4 years ago from Beautiful Colorado


      It is as if those in power are in a trance. They have no vision for the future and they are in denial about our present state. Those who are in charge must shake themselves awake and do the right thing before they bring this country to its knees.



    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Lela, you have hit the nail right on the head. I have been saying the same thing for years, and once sent one of my stories around the world. Without knowledge, we are only clueless.