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If There Were Influences on the 2016 Presidential Election, What About the 2018 Interim Election?

Updated on January 16, 2019

The 2016 presidential election influence couldn't have happened with out the dirty deeds of Hillary Clinton 2 time presidential loser!

2016 US Presidential Election Influencing.

Donald Trump mentioned during the 2016 presidential election the possibility of tampering.

President Barack Obama responded to that comment by not only saying there was no possibility of the election being tampered, but made fun of Trump for even mentioning it. As it turns out, we find that presidential republican candidate Donald Trump was dead on with his election influencing comment.

Instead of investigating the Russians that were being blamed for the election influence the democrats threw Donald Trump into with the Russians and called it Collusion to Influence the elections. I called this the democrat political singularity, their political Big Bang Theory to create an investigation that had not existed as one that was created out of thin air.

Tampering in the DNC primary

There was a clear case of tampering in the democrat primary, as evidenced by the Wikileaks from the DNC emails. They show that Hillary Clinton and the DNC successfully conspired to get Hillary Clinton's only opponent out of the primary. Senator Bernie Sanders her opponent started off slow in the Democrat Primary race because of the Hillary Clinton Super Delegates that gave her an awesome lead. But as the primary campaigning went on, Sanders kept winning and the gap was closing as the convention neared. Yet, at the height of his campaign success Sanders drops out of the race.

No Investigation for Sanders Leaving the Primary

There has not been an investigation of why Sanders left the primary, nor was there an investigation of the alleged DNC email leaks. The email that was leaked never had its authentication challenged. The contents of those emails showed how Hillary Clinton, the DNC and even the Media were used to influenced the election, because if you don't win the primary you can't win the presidency. This was the case in 2016 with Bernie, and the case for Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2008.

The Russian Trump Dossier

The next election influence was the Hillary Clinton and DNC creation of the Russian Trump Collusion allegations by the DNC email servers being hacked by Russia. This was the Hillary Clinton Big Bang Theory that were the genesis of investigations by the democrats on then president Elect Trump to now president Trump.

The But For Sequence of Russian Trump Collusion Theory

The sine quo non (but for) of the investigations on Trump and Russia hinged solely on the alleged DNC hacking. Yet, not a single US agency, intelligence or otherwise has ever been allowed to even get on the DNC servers, much less do a verification and investigation to prove or disprove the DNC allegation of hacking.

Political democrat hacking singularity theory

Once the political democrat hacking singularity was used a the basis of the investigation. Then step two was to put the DNC created bogus opposition paper on Donald Trump, without anyone including the 17 US Intelligence Agencies even checking the DNC servers. But it was taken as a fact that there was hacking and that Trump was involved with Russia to influence the presidential election in his favor.

One can hardly give substance to this Hillary Clinton created report on Trump as a Dossier, because it was bogus, and no one actually verified it. Remember, when the big news was that all the US Intelligence agencies agreed on the Dossier. That influenced the voters because, therefore it must be the truth, and Trump must be guilty.

The Christopher Steele Document was not Verified or its Veracity Tested.

The truth was the Dossier was never verified as being fact, and the document itself said as much. The document never claimed even to be accurate much less truthful.

And the powerful argument that ALL 17 US intelligence agencies agreed on it was actually based on the fact that all of them used a copy of that dossier. And none of them did any investigation to prove its veracity.

The FBI took the dossier, and now we have proof they actually used it to get FISA warrants to spy on Trump and his associates. They knew that it was bogus, as many of the points in it were already debunked as not being true. They didn't apprise the FISA court of its genesis being a Hillary Clinton paid for Donald Trump opposition paper.

Carter Page Connected to the FBI

The FBI used one of its informants, Carter Page to get near the Trump team. And although Page even admitted that he never met Trump or ever communicated with him in any way. He was used on the first FISA warrant to spy on Trump and associates.

There was three ninety day extensions on that FISA warrant and they really had nothing to show for it. Yet, that warrant and its extensions lasted for the most part of the year. Then president Obama using Susan Rice unmasked the people that were being spied upon.

Influencing the 2016 Presidential Election

You don't have to look at the Russians to see that president Obama spying on Hillary Clinton's opponent is the definition of influencing the election.

After the Nunes memo came out to show the evidence of how the FISA warrant was based on the Dossier from the FBI minions of president Obama the left had to take the heat off.

They used Adam Schiff to write a democrat version to rebut the Nunes memo. They packed it with classified information knowing that president Trump wouldn't be able to release it.

Schiff was given time to redact the classified information from his memo, and resubmit it. That has happened yet.

After the Schiff distraction failed, they went to plan B. That plan is the Mueller indictment of 13 Russian Nationals for influencing the election. Interesting but the indictment itself doesn't name or involve any Americans, and that includes Trump. It also says that the Russian influence had no affect on the outcome of the election.

In the next part of this article

In the next part of this article, we will see that even though Trump won the presidency despite all of this influencing from Hillary, and president Obama that it continues the influencing into the 2018 election.

Yes, it does!


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR

      Brad Masters 

      6 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      From a super Anti Trumper


      "Nov 8, 2016 - Voting Begins

      Nov 6, 2016 - FBI Director Comey tells Congress there was nothing in the emails to change his mind about not prosecution Clinton and won't reopen the investigation."


      Comey as FBI Director is the cop, but here he usurp the job of the prosecutor which was Lorettal Lynch the Attorney General at the DOJ.

      Comey's job was to take the results of his Clinton email investigation and turn it over to the DOJ. They would then determine to prosecute Hillary or not.


      In the meantime, the polls narrowed noticiable for Clinton and down-ballot Democrats. Comey's odd actions probably cost the Ds ANY chance of taking the House, slim as they were.


      Actually what Comey did was to keep Hillary out of jail, and that would have completely narrowed her chances of winning the presidency.


      Oct 27, 2016 - FBI Director Comey sent a note to Congress saying emails were found in the Anthony Weiner investigation MAY be related to Clinton's server and they MAY reopen her investigation IF they find anything. This questionable action began a new clamor from the alt-right against HRC."


      Comey was forced to reopen the case because the FBI in NY that found these emails wanted to move forward with it. Comey reopened the case, and quickly dispatched it to close it again.

      These emails on Anthony Weiner's computer had 18 Classified Emails that came from Hillary Clinton's private email server.

      Huma Abedin put them on her husband Anthony Weiner's computer. Comey never brought this out, or how these classified emails go to Hillary Clinton's email server, and then to Weiners computer.

      That would be reason to investigate further, but Comey ignored these classified emails and closed the Clinton email investigation.

      This was an intentional act by Comey and it is one that smacks of hiding evidence in an open FBI criminal investigation.



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