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If You Had Lived 200 Years Ago, Would You Have Been a Slave Owner?

Updated on November 21, 2018
Ericlehnsherr profile image

Excelled at university to finish a Bachelor of psychology with a primary focus on mental strategies for permanent change.


Having black skin 200 years ago in many predominately white nations would have been an awful state to live. Experiencing physical abuse, torture, rape and murder to name just some of the atrocities they would have experienced daily.

So, if you lived 200 years ago, would you have been an individual supporting this treatment or sided with equality for everyone, regardless of skin colour? Keep in mind this would have been a very select few thinking in terms of equality, and actually possessing empathy for others.

The past and future

Just because one was born with a certain body, it meant your life was forfeit to others. Today, in 1st world countries slavery is not tolerated of any human being, yet 200 years ago, it was not only tolerated but could even be related to success. In 200 years, what will the future people like us look back and think of the horrible practices we engage with today?


To break this down we will analyse the here and now of a circumstance that is plaguing this world that can be related back to the practices of slavery. Animals. While I am not comparing dark skinned individuals to animals directly, I am relating them to similar horrible conditions they have experienced. And yes, there are still many great concerns between skin colour for people residing on earth, but perhaps that can be addressed in another article.

So, proving if one supported these inhumane practices 200 years ago if they were alive then, will be identified if they support these practices today. I don’t mean towards other humans, but towards others that possess a different type of skin than their own. If one supports this industry of torture and death in this society when food is plentiful, it produces the thoughts that this individual would have engaged in slavery and cruel punishment to dark skin people if it provided them with a more pleasurable lifestyle.

I am speaking directly about supporting the industry of animal exploitation. This comes in many forms, from consuming meat or drinking milk, to purchasing products tested on helpless animals. Engaging in these practices today on any animal, be it human or cow, signifies a belief that your desires outweigh the pain and death of another. By supporting these cruel acts towards animals in this day and age, we can almost guarantee with certainty that a lack of empathy towards these practices would of existed in your belief system, thus resulting in you owning dark skinned slaves 200 years ago.


It's quite easy to identify what people in this society would have taken advantage of dark skinned individuals 200 years ago, as they are engaging in these practices today but towards different animals.

Will there be a point where slavery will return if your skin is dark? The stepping stones are already in place and with Trump in power, is the day drawing closer when this will become a reality?


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    • Ericlehnsherr profile imageAUTHOR


      16 months ago

      Thank you so much for your response, greatly appreciated. I totally agree with your comment and think it's great you're an advocate in this area.

      I was also trying to explore the lack of dichotomy between the exploitation of animals in today's society and how dark skinned individuals were treated less than 200 years ago. We need to change how we view animals as food to progress civilization, not to regress further into the past.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish MS 

      16 months ago from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation

      I hate the racial divide and racial injustice occurring under this presidential administration. Unfortunately, members of the Native American group to which I am related did own some black slaves when they married into white European families in and around New York state. I am appalled and although I cannot change the past, I can advocate to stop a return to slavery and genocide through the Eugenics advocated in the past.

      Thank you for this article.


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