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Illegal Immigration & Christians

Updated on December 11, 2018
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Immigration & the Christian

We may not have explained ourselves too well the first time around. That may be because our minds were influenced by the bad use of scripture by a group of people who limit their theology to only the red-letters of some printed Bibles. Or they place too much emphasis on those words over the rest of the Bible, which are also the words of Jesus.

Let’s take a closer look at immigration to any country by using the current migrant caravan making its way through Mexico as an example.

First, does anyone have the right to one day decide they want to move from their home country and move to another nation by avoiding following the target nation’s immigration laws?

The answer, of course, is no. Those laws usually do not violate God’s laws and do not tell people or encourage them to sin. Instead, they are in place to keep people from sinning and illegally entering a country. We cannot use Mary & Joseph’s move to Egypt as an example because we do not know what laws were in place at that time or if Jesus’ parents went illegally. Being righteous people we hardly think they would sin at this time.

Second, is it right to covet the supposed wealth and other benefits of another country?

The people involved in this caravan have heard, etc., about how they can make more money in America. The have heard about the wealth that is there, is it right for them to covet that wealth in light of what one of the 10 commandments say? ‘Thou shalt not covet your neighbor’s…’ The term neighbor is not limited to the family living next door to your home. It can and does apply to countries as well.

These people are coveting what someone else has and are taking the wrong steps to get it for themselves.

Third, is it the application of compassion to support these people in their quest to break immigration laws and sin?

Again, the answer would be no. Compassion is to help people in a time of need and not to be used to break a country’s laws and help people sin against God. A better use of compassion would be to hep these people turn around and get them safely to their homes in their native lands. Then get involved and help them come to a new country the right way.

Right now some of those people are being kidnapped and held for ransom by drug cartels. Is it compassion to expose them to this danger? Is it compassion to let them travel in unsanitary conditions? Is it compassion to let these people take food, jobs, money, benefits from legal citizens of the new country?

Fourth, is it love for a new country by violating the laws of that country for self-gain?

It certainly is not the love that Jesus taught. What we see by this migrant caravan is greed and selfishness and does nothing constructive for the people in the new country this group is travelling to. It is all self-serving and there is no biblical teaching telling anyone to be a burden on anther country nor to be selfish or greedy.

Fifth, is it Christian to distort both the situation and bible verses to alleviate the issue and bring illegal people into a country?

Again, the answer is no. The Bible tells us to tell the truth and creating distortions is not telling the truth. It is basically lying and sin.

Sixth, is it Christian to help people to sin

It is not in the Bible. The Good Samaritan did not commit sin in helping the individual recover from his wounds. He did not lead the individual to sin either. God did not sin at any time when he rescued his people from Egypt. At one point he told the Israelites to stay out of a country and those reasons could apply to the migrant caravan as their efforts do not help other nations feel good about those people

Seventh, is it Christian to spend the money of the government and businesses without their permission?

The people supporting the effort of this migrant caravan are not spending their own money and sponsoring these people. They are spending the government’s money to give them welfare, food stamps and other benefits plus they are spending the money the health care outlets have to take care of these people when they get sick. They are also spending education dollars to make sure the children receive an education. Is that right and is that action in the Bible?

The people supporting this caravan are not spending their own money to care for these people once the illegally enter America. They are advocating that other people spend the money. That is money that is not theirs to spend. We do not see celebrities opening up their homes and bank accounts to make sure these people can be here legally, nor do we see Christians doing it. They all want other people to foot the bill, something that is not a biblical attitude.

Eighth, do Christians want to have help becoming illegal or sin?

If you do, then you are not following the Bible. The verse, ‘do unto others…’ is not permission to sin against God or violate a country’s laws. I John also talks about when Christians continuously commit sin and calling themselves of God, they make God a liar and they are not part of God’s family. Christians are not to advocate for or support sin.

Illegal migration is not of God.

Ninth, should Christians learn the difference between legal and illegal immigrants?

Yes, they should. The two are not the same and the latter makes the illegal immigrant a criminal. They have violated laws of the country they are entering. That doesn’t make them upstanding law-abiding citizens. It makes them offenders. People who have no love or concern for the rights of legal immigrants and native citizens

Tenth, what can Christians do

There are a lot of biblical responses to those people who are seeking to enter a country illegally.

– they can give them food and water and clothing while providing a sanitary place to do natural bodily functions BUT on their return to their native land

– they can get involved with the people and help them work to bring safe conditions to their native countries

– they can help the return home safely without risk

– they can sponsor some so that they can enter a country legally and properly

– they can make sure other Christians are not distorting the issue and bible verses and get the truth out

– they can help provide a better solution than continuing the illegal strategy

– they can help filter out genuine hurting people from those who just want to abuse the new country and help those people enter the country legally

– they can make sure emotions are not used to bend laws

There are a lot of options to solving this type of issue and none of them involve sin or doing illegal acts.This included being fair to those who have already entered the country legally and fulfilled all the requirements to live and work in a given country. It also included being fair to the native citizens who have the right to live and work in their native land

There was a fad going around the Christian world a few years back called W W J D. Well Jesus would not help people to sin or illegally enter a country. He would not distort scripture to help people sin or violate laws. He would not violate His Father’s will or rules in helping these people. He would not distort scripture to bring about a desired goal.

Read the Bible and you will see what Jesus would do. One thing is he would not misuse love and compassion to let people sin in hopes of getting their butts in the pew. The ends do not justify the means. We believers have no permission to sin in doing good works or to do evangelism.

Remember that NO ONE has a problem with LEGAL immigrants and immigration. It is the ILLEGAL version everyone is against

© 2018 David Thiessen


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