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Illegal Immigration Reform

Updated on October 10, 2014

Common Sense Immigration Reform

It's high time for the pontification by politicians over illegal immigration to stop and for them to get serious about the problem of illegal immigration.

Neither political party, nor this administration is serious about stopping the flow of illegal aliens and addressing what to do with the millions of illegal immigrants who have settled here. They give lip service to the problem and seek to divide the populace to create political advantage for themselves and their party. They see it as an issue to gain votes and to extract money and favors from lobbyists and special interests. The political brokers and pimps who claim this issue is anti-immigrant are lying to the American people. The issues are illegal immigration and national security.

America is a nation of immigrants, and those who play by the rules and come here legally are welcomed. Those who don't are not, but there are very real reasons that people who enter illegally are willing to risk their lives to get to America. The hopes and dreams that they have for their families are no different than those who came before them, no different than yours or mine. Be that as it may, some do come here to take advantage of the vast array of social programs made available to them by the US government, at the expense of the US taxpayer. While the primary point of illegal entry addressed here is through Mexico, it doesn't mean we shouldn't also address our Canadian border.

So, will the Congress act responsibly? Can they create a bill that is less than 2,000 pages of gobbledygook, pork and nonsense? Well, after you pick yourself off the floor when you're done laughing at those two questions, it is important that when they do act, that any plan enacted not be done in a piecemeal matter.

So, while some may view the following points differently, and agree or disagree, here is my one page solution to the problem.

First: The border must be closed and secured to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. The most successful way is to build a fence, yes a fence, across our whole southern border. This serves the dual purpose of stopping illegal immigrants and those who exploit them, as well as slowing the drug trade. While this may not be a 100% solution, it is certainly far better than the sieve our border has become.

Second: Those who knowingly employ illegal aliens must be severely penalized, where either they are fined to the point where it is not economically feasible to employ illegals, or jailed if necessary.

Third: Even in this economy with record high unemployment, we must recognize that there are jobs that Americans just won't do. The US guestworker program mostly addresses this issue, but not well enough to prevent illegal aliens and employers from continuing to find ways to get around it. People must be allowed to enter legally for specific periods of time, and then leave, to enable those businesses who rely on their labor to survive.

Fourth: It is said that there are some 12 million illegal immigrants who have already settled here. It is just not realistic to deport them all as some have suggested. There must be a plan put in place that allows them come forward, go through the process and eventually work their way to becoming productive tax paying citizens, but not at the expense of those who are in the process of coming here legally already.

Fifth: Cities that have designated themselves as sanctuary cities should be denied Federal Government funding until they come into compliance with the law. The Federal Government must enforce the existing laws as well, so that states like Arizona are not forced into taking matters into their own hands.

Sixth: The process is long and often expensive for those who seek to become American citizens. In some cases it could be a few years. In other cases, it can take a decade or longer. The process needs to be improved to offer a reasonable time frame for those who come here legally to become US citizens.

We must contact government officials in Washington, DC, and our State governments to tell them to get off their dead asses and get serious about the problem of illegal immigration. Stop the politics and fix the problem. The solution is there, what is missing is the courage and the will to do it. Those politicians who continue to ignore and give lip service to this problem should be voted out of office, regardless of political party.

The current administration has been criminally negligent, and purposely incompetent, in not securing our borders. There is an invasion of illegal aliens, drug running criminals, and very likely terrorists, who plan to do our nation harm. American children are becoming sick, and some have died from the Enterovirus 68, which is rampant in Central American countries, and suspected of being spread by the thousands of illegal children who were allowed to enter the US. They are flooding our schools and local communities are struggling to find the funds available to pay for their education.

Add to that the threat of Ebola, and ISIS terrorists, and it is clear that this President, and the obstructionist Senate Majority Leader have no interest in upholding their oath of office.

Americans are a compassionate and welcoming people for those who strive to come to this nation legally. For those who broke the laws, some measure of restitution must be made before they can be accepted into our society. We must solve this problem once and for all, as this nation is being torn apart from within.

We are a nation of legal immigrants and that is what has made this great nation what it is. God bless America.

US - Mexican Border


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    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 7 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Terrific Hub. I also think that there should be an order of enactment too. No sense giving the 12M here any kind of status until the border is really enforced. Just encourages more to come. Also, it should be noted that it is not just the jobs that attract illegal immigrants but also the readily available social programs and benefits. How about in addition to penalizing sanctuary cities the reform should cover things like making it illegal for states to give in-state tuition rates for illegals or any other crazy social benefit given to those who's status is not legal.