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Illegal Immigration: Serious Issue?

Updated on August 30, 2018

The answer to the title question is yes, illegal immigration is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Everyday our national deficit grows by leaps and bounds by funding various social and educational programs. While it remains true that there are American citizens using these programs, the added expense of the illegals that are supported by these programs is a staggering number.

According to, illegal immigration costs this country $113 billion a year. It breaks down to $1117 per "native" household in the United States. Our current national debt is over $7 trillion dollars and growing, and we continue to allow Illegals to use our social programs and add over $100 billion to our deficit every year.

The federal government estimates that $27 billion a year is being sent to foreign countries via wire transfer by illegal immigrants in this country. This is money that will never see the U.S. market. This is money that will not be spent in our grocery stores, malls, gas stations, retail stores and small businesses around the country. This money is very much needed here to keep businesses open and create jobs. The total cost so far is up to $140 billion a year on the U.S. economy.

Most of you will argue that this is only a minor part of a huge overspending effort by our government, and I agree. However this is a totally seperate issue than the amount our government spends on legal residents of this country or what they send in foreign aid (I have an opinon on these issues as well and will be sure and let them be known in a future hub) to other countries. We need to tackle these issues seperately and carefully.

Anchor babies are also a huge problem. The 14th ammendment that allows for any person born in the United States to become a lawful citizen was designed to give children of former slaves citizenship and access to rights guaranteed to citizens by the constitution of the United States, this was not designed however, for persons to illegally enter this country for the sole purpose of having a child on U.S. soil, thus giving the child citizenship and allowing the parents to stay and care for the child. This guarantees a child born to criminals (which is a term used to describe persons who break the law here in the U.S.) full rights and priviledges granted by the constitution. They receive welfare assistance checks, food stamps, and free education paid for by the U.S. taxpayers. How can we as a country continue to reward criminals for breaking our laws?

In closing I would like to add that in no way is this article directed at a specific race or nationality of immigrant. No matter what country you come from if you are here illegally you have broken our laws and are a criminal and should be treated as such. Not rewarded with a job, free housing, free education and food. We fought for our rights hundreds of years ago and paid for these rights with the blood of our forefather's and continue to pay with the blood of our children today. Go home and fight to change the reason you left and make your own country a great place to live like the United States used to be.

Illegal Immigration: Serious issue?

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      8 years ago from Beliot, Wisconsin

      100% AGREED!!! The continuing problem of illegal immigrants has just about reached critical. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for immigration IF it is done legally. The influx of illegals has got to stop. In a previous hub I described how through using the paths illegals use to enter this country can be used by terrorists to gain access to America and so cause havoc here. The flow of illegals has to be stopped if we want our security here at home.


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