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Racist Immigration Practices

Updated on April 23, 2011

America's Need to Blame

We're always pointing fingers.
We're always pointing fingers.

Racism in America

A great story in the Los Angeles Times about a former Armenian Consul and a Beverly Hills lawyer who were arrested for providing letters that kept mostly criminals from being deported back to their native country. The two sold letters that said that in a nutshell that the native country would never take them back. They sold the letters for $35,000 each. {Waiting for the collective howl of the right. Bill O’Reilly is surely going to rail against this one. If he doesn’t, I’m sure that Sean Hannity or someone else will. Fox News is going to lead off with this story tonight, I bet. Where the heck is Lou Dobbs?} NOTHING.

Now, we should assess this situation from the stand point of a Mexican. What if this was a former Mexican Consul and a prominent East Los Angeles lawyer of Hispanic descent. Now, I hear them. The reason is because illegal immigration in America is a racist issue. There are illegal immigrants from every hemisphere on the globe living and working in the United States. I know this because I use to hang out at a bar in Redondo Beach where a group of Britons lived and several of them were here illegally, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were not knocking down there doors with automatic rifles.

That’s what is happening all over California and Arizona right now. It happened just today in San Bernardino. Students came in and described ICE units with weapons that looked like M16s and in full body armor kicking in someone’s door and looking for a suspect. I bet not one Armenian ever got pulled over and asked about his immigration status. It happens all the time to Mexicans who are here legally.

Sometimes we hear about Chinese people being smuggled into this country or even Africans. However, it is the people in our own hemisphere that we choose to hate the most. We want to starve them and deny them basic services because they are choking our system and destroying our way of life.

It is so racist that according to the western hemisphere travel initiative or WHTI, Canadians may enter the country with a Passport, Nexus or Fast card, or an enhanced driver’s license. Mexicans can only enter the United States with a passport and a visa. Or they may get a special visa card if they can prove that they only do business here. Apparently, the reason is because Canadians do not want to come here to live.

I wonder why? Could it be because they can make enough money to take care of their families in their home country? Or is it true that Canadians don’t come to live. I say it is not true. I say that we have many illegal immigrants here from European countries who are not being treated like criminals, are not being harassed because they look like an illegal, and can go where ever they please whenever they please. I say that we have many Asian illegal immigrants here, but they are considered productive and they assimilate very well into American culture.

So why the racism? It is simple. Americans have to have someone to blame for their misery and it is convenient now to blame those who come here from South of the border. Grow up America.

From the Department of Homeland Security:

  • Over 791,000 people were deported in 2008.
  • 693000 of those were Mexicans
  • Only 61000 of those people were deported for criminal activity
  • If you look at the other countries on this list, most people are deported for Criminal activity.


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    • profile image

      giiox138st 6 years ago

      wow so ya saying that we should get out of this country that is yours...go back school and read who was this country before you came here you ignorants.. ya only talk about what does not hurt you... ya should stop smoking weed and ya should star taking care of this country ignorants ...get a life and let the illegal immigrants leave their -_-

    • profile image

      Hxprof 6 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

      I'm of the 'right wing' persuasion as you call it, and I don't want illegals from ANY country in the States. I recall reading an article some time back describing the plight of some Irish illegals in the New York area. They told a reporter that they were leaving America because of the heat being applied against illegals. My though at that time was, "You're leaving? Great, get out of here: YOU DON'T BELONG HERE."

    • Jessicapotter24 profile image

      Jessicapotter24 6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Its true that Mexicans are being deported largely, but then terming it as racist is indeed a far-fetched accusation. As said by francisid, the Mexicans are large in numbers and that is why their deportation makes the affair look like a racist one.

    • profile image

      francisid 6 years ago

      a racist issue?that's a very big allegation to make..maybe,it's because of the big number of Mexican immigrants that's why their suppression is very obvious.or maybe,i don't know.

    • profile image

      Glen G 8 years ago

      racist issue ? now playing the race card....maybe it's because of the sheer numbers that the mexicans came in....12 million or more....

      like I said in my hub they are like (locust in a farmers field), they came in a swarm and eat up all the recourse's

      Oh, by the way I had no idea you wrote this until I clicked on it, I wasnt even going to comment but when I read this I couldnt stop myself...........

      you wrote: they are choking our system and destroying our way of life...couldnt of said it better myself