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Illegals Do Not Report Crimes

Updated on May 30, 2010

 Watching the news and hearing how the Arizona Law will negatively effect law enforcement, as illegals will not assist law enforcement by giving information, is just not true. Having been involved with law enforcement for over 37 years, I have seen and heard this debate before. In central California in the 1960's, the debate was exactly the same. If law enforcement arrested illegals under the federal law, they (the illegals) would be fearful of law enforcement and would not report crimes or give information about crimes. Well 40 years later, a majority of illegals still are fearful of police, refuse to report crimes or offer information to law enforcement, and tend to attract criminals as they are easy targets. Those few that do report crimes, or give information, a majority refuse to testify in court, and most will move or relocate.

I have been at numerous crimes, where there will be 20 to 30 eye witnesses, both legal and illegal immigrants, and no one sees a thing. Additionally, those illegals that are involved in minor crimes, vehicle accidents, or vehicle code violations, give false names, and after being released from jail or prior to a court appearance, will relocate out of the area. Again, their relatives, friends, and neighbors have no idea where they went.

The Arizona Law will have very little or no effect on illegals reporting crimes. How ever enforcement of the new law will reduce many minor crimes, usually related to vehicle code violations, ID theft, forged documents, false or stolen social security numbers, and failure to file State and Federal tax returns. It will also eliminate over crowding in apartment and housing complexes, and remove a source of victims from other criminals and businesses that feed on illegals. 


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  • Terry B. Davis profile imageAUTHOR

    Terry B. Davis 

    8 years ago

    Here in California they do not have that worry, being deported, unless they have committed a serious crime. Yet they still do not come forward. The reason California began not turning illegals over to the INS was due to the belief that if they were victims or witnesses to crimes they would come forward. We stopped deporting people for being illegal, and nothing changed except we became a destination. One other fun fact, many of the illegals that live in other states that do not deport will come to work in the fields of California. They get laid off at the end of the season and would draw unemployment at the higher California rate and return to a less expensive state to live of the California unemployment. Friends and family would forward their checks fro an address in California to where they were acyually living.

    Bottom line, either we are a nation of laws where all are held to answer regardless of our station in life. Or there are no laws, it simply matters who you are, or who you know.

    Sorry, you got me going again.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • tim-tim profile image

    Priscilla Chan 

    8 years ago from Normal, Illinois

    So true, Terry. A lot of the illegals are afraid to get caught and get deported.


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