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Illicit Drugs Deaths versus Mass Gun Shootings [F1 103]

Updated on June 19, 2019

Deaths: Illegal Drugs versus Guns

Illegal Drugs Cause 250,000 Global Deaths Yearly| January 5, 2012

The democrats use every gun shooting to make guns the culprit bit they do nothing about the real killers in the country and the world. There are over 200 million people on Illegal drugs worldwide each year which result in a yearly death of 250,000 people around the globe. The highest use of these drugs is found in developed countries especially the US.

In addition to deaths, these illegal drug users have acute and chronic health effects. While these figures are estimates, the actual numbers are much higher due to the methods of acquiring this data, as many people don’t admit using drugs when asked in a survey. These drug users are found in low and middle income countries which are near where the drugs are produced, and also in high income countries.

The UN estimates that the global use of these illegal drugs is between 149 and 271 million people.

  • Cannabis users are the most plentiful with estimates of 125 to 203 million people.
  • There are 14 to 56 million Amphetamine users.
  • There are 14 to 21 million using Cocaine.
  • And 12 to 21 million users of Opoid.

Cocaine has the highest use in the world at 1.9% in North America.

Illicit Drug Use Adverse Health Effects.

The illicit drug user can have four type of broad health effects that are bad for their health.

  1. Overdosing and other toxic effects.
  2. Injuries from accidents and violence.
  3. There is also dependency on them.
  4. Bad health effects as physical diseases from regular, sustained chronic use of them.

One drug that has all four of these types of health effects are the Opoids.

  • One of four lifetime users has dependency on them.
  • Opoids contribute to overdoses causing premature death.
  • When they are combined with other drugs the result can be violence, suicides, and accidents. There can also be hepatitis, and HIV AIDs.
  • Finally they can also be responsible for contributing to disability.

The good news for Cannabis users

  • Very few deaths
  • Some of which may be accidental. For example, car accidents from DUI.
  • Cannabis can probably lead to mental disorders and dependency.

Drug deaths

  • · In 2004 – Illicit drug use worldwide 250,000 deaths resulting in losing 2.1 million years of life. More than Alcohol probably because it effects younger people.
  • · Alcohol deaths were 2.24 million resulting in losing 1.5 million years of life. This is less than illicit drug deaths probably because it affects middle age to elderly people.
  • · Tobacco caused 5.1 million deaths.

Illicit drug also burden communities with such things as drug dealer wars, discarded injection equipment, as well as property crimes.

Note: An example of the discarded injection equipment can be found today in San Francisco. In a 180 block area there were 100 discarded injection needles, in addition to 300 piles of human excrement.

Iillegal drug use may not cause as many deaths as alcohol, but its use can lead to in some countries a substantial burden of diseases.

Gun Deaths in comparison to Illicit Drug Deaths.

Suicide and not homicide is that biggest killer of people from Guns. Suicides by the use of a gun are 60% higher than other deaths caused by guns.

Why do Suicides by gun get so little attention than murders by gun?

One of the reasons is that the media can’t really make it political, and suicides only involve one person, the one that committed suicide. The media want a story that will capture their readers, and viewers. They want to sensationalize it and make it last for as long as they can.

The last two mass shootings, the one in Las Vegas from the 32nd hotel floor, and the mass school shooting in Parkland Florida are good examples. These two have all the ingredients for the media production

What the media won’t tell you in these mass shootings

They are horrific and deadly events that resulted in multiple deaths, and it also has big political ramifications. And as the main stream news media embraces if not is hinged to the political left, this story is the Trifecta of stories.

They can focus on the victims, and those that survived and use them as willing players in the politics of the left. They are the people that can be selected to represent the gun control laws needing more restrictions. They then get their political analysts to go over and over again why we need more restrictions on guns.

They also use it to beat up the republicans because of their long time support of the NRA and rights of the gun owners, as well as upholding the 2nd Amendment.

The main stream news media won’t show both sides of the gun control issue. They will hand pick and even coach those that bark the democrat line. If any of the victims, in the case of the Parkland school which has 3,000 students, How many have been shown by the media, and how many had supported the 2nd Amendment?


Suicide gets a lot less attention than murders for a few reasons.

  • One big one is that news organizations generally don’t cover suicides the way they do murders.
  • Can giving suicides more attention lead to more suicides.
  • Probably the same as giving the attention to mass shootings can lead to more mass shootings. Last month was Las Vegas shooting, than last week the Parkland shooting. Just a coincidence?

For Americans aged between 15 to 34 Suicide is the 2nd most common cause of death, and 10th across all ages.

  • In 2012 for all deaths it is 1.6%.

The Factual Results show that suicides by gun cause more deaths that those caused by homicide.

Yet, we find neither the Congress nor the Main Stream News Media giving any effort to suicide prevention. Suicides can be committed by other means than using guns.


What this article has shown is that Illicit Drug Use causes more deaths than death by the use of guns. And suicides by gun kill more people than gun homicides.

The democrats in congress failed to use their super majority in 2009-2011 to write the gun control laws they claim we now need. One person said that the reason was they were too busy bailing out the country from the republican caused economic meltdown of 2008. Neither of these are true, as the economic crash of 2008 was caused by both parties.

And the $1.5 Trillion spent on the bailout and TARP from two congresses, and two presidents didn’t help the victims of the meltdown. These victims lost their homes, their jobs, and the banks from the bailout were able to give their key executive seven figure bonuses. They said they were key employees, yes if we wanted to bankrupt companies.

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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago


      Get your facts straight

      You didn't even read this article.

      I will delete the next one that is a monologue without reading.


      From the article

      The democrats in congress failed to use their super majority in 2009-2011 to write the gun control laws they claim we now need. One person said that the reason was they were too busy bailing out the country from the republican caused economic meltdown of 2008. Neither of these are true, as the economic crash of 2008 was caused by both parties.


      In addition, that wasn't the point of the article.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      OH MY........Rep Claudia Tenney (R-NY) 'So many' people who commit 'mass murders are Democrats."

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Lets control of congress 2000-2006, 2009-2018....and you blame democrats.

      Meanwhile, the rash of people on opiods rushing to stuff them down schoolkids throats and kill them is increasing.....DERP.


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