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Civil Disobedience: I'm Going Outside Whether You Like It or Not

Updated on April 21, 2020
Kyler J Falk profile image

Social issues can only be remedied by a collective acceptance of those opinions we view as opposing our own.


I keep seeing posts all over the place about how people are "idiots" for going outside for no reason other than to be outside during social distancing. Most of these people posting this hate-driven stuff have some made up story they heard from someone else, like getting gang stalked around the store by someone coughing, threatening to beat this person up and they still won't go away, and then nearly calling the police for it. The coughing I can believe, but the rest not so much at all. As someone who needs to go outside for mental and physical health reasons I'd like to explore that topic.

The Reasons I Need to Get Outside

Avoiding agoraphobia: I once suffered a drug induced psychosis that saw me locked in the house, waiting to die, for months. If I do not actively force myself to go on walks, interact with others, and stay out for prolonged periods of time then I will see myself falling back into damaging habits. I'm not going to remain unhealthy because you think you know how to run my life best.

Vitamin D intake deficiency: The sun is the best source of vitamin-D for the human body. Due to a deficiency in my body I cannot resort to supplements as my sole source of vitamin-D, and quickly become ill when I do not get out in the sun frequently. When it gets cloudy and there is no sun, you'll often see me quite down in the dumps.

Physical Fitness: Due to the limitations within my household my son and I cannot get proper physical fitness without going out for extended periods of time. A healthy body is a key component to a healthy mind, and I'm not going to deny my son nor myself the opportunity to live a healthy life. If I stay inside and don't go get a long walk or run in, my spine quickly takes out the use of my legs by pinching nerves.

Asthma: No, I won't be wearing a mask, ever, because I have to be able to breathe freely. If I restrict my airflow I will quickly develop an asthmatic response, inducing an asthma attack, and for the purpose of maintaining my cardiovascular health I avoid using my emergency inhaler unnecessarily.

You're mean for no reason: With all the disparaging going toward those of us who go outside, I really don't mind if you get sick. Due to the lifestyle I'm forced to live I have no choice but to cope while social distancing outside, but when everyone is disparaging me for it then I hope I get them all sick. I'm likely to die if I get sick due to my preexisting health issues, so if you want me to feel bad for that then I want you to get sick too. Sorry, not sorry.

Are you able to self-quarantine and practice social-distancing safely?

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Get Over It

If the government really gave a care about you, about the health of their nation, then they'd make self-quarantining mandatory via declaring martial law. If you really gave a care about those around you, you'd take the time to understand why certain people have no choice but to go outside. By all appearances, most people don't really care at all and just want to waste time by hurting others or spreading disinformation.

Get over the fact that people have no choice but to be outside at certain points during social distancing and quarantines, and that most of us try very hard to do the best we can in remaining uninfected while doing so. In fact, most of us who are out are already some of the cleanest people you'll ever meet. Being called an "idiot" for having no choice but to go outside, for the sake of my health, really hurts because you could just as easily get over yourself.

Stop being ignorant, make sure you know why that "idiot" has no choice but to be out and about. Don't judge others for the way they cope when the chances are highest that their choices will never affect you.

I'm protesting the way people treat one another for their personal choices concerning coping with these unprecedented times!


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