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I'm Only Saying This Once

Updated on July 15, 2012

Warrning: I don't Want to Offend You

It seems recently that I have begun to feel outnumbered. I used to be the guy with the liberal outlook on life when compared to my friends and associates. Now it is the opposite and I’m not sure how to handle it. I feel like my conservative side is something I have to hide from people. I feel like I am a giant offence to people even though I try hard to respect their opinions and only want the same in return.

The weird thing is I am not sure where that idea is coming from. I have liberal friends and they seem to like me despite my conservative leanings but yet I have never really told them exactly how I feel and that makes me feel slightly hypocritical. My liberal friends would not hesitate to tell me their ideas and I hope they know I respect their opinions even when I strongly disagree with them.

On the other hand I have never been afraid to voice my liberal ideas when I am around conservatives. Maybe this is not something that isn't isolated to me. Maybe in general conservative ideas are stifled and liberal ideas are celebrated.

Well I have held my opinions to myself for too long and I believe that I need to express them or I may possibly burst open. First of all to address my liberal ideas, the declaration of independence states that all men are created equal and all men have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In keeping with that sentiment how can anyone in good conscience not support the right for gay people to get married? The only possible reasons I can think of would be religious and honestly religion should not dictate law. Even if you believe homosexuality is a sin, do you really want to legislate righteousness? That hasn’t worked out very well in Muslim nations why should it turn out better here?

How would two gay people getting married effect any part of your life? You would know that there are gay people out there? Well, you already know that. It is actually arguable that it is unconstitutional to keep gay people from getting married.

The argument that is a sin is a very weak argument. Do you think it is a sin to drink? Well have you ever gone to a restaurant that serves alcohol? If you have you are supporting activity with your money and by association. Is it a sin for a man and a woman to have sex before they are married? Well why isn’t there a law forbidding that?

The fact is that a lot of people are just not comfortable with homosexuality and therefore fins it easier to not empathize with gay people. Well they are people with rights the same as you and me and they have the right to get married if that’s what would make them happy.

The next thing I have to say is purely opinion and not based on rights at all. I really wish conservatives would stop running on pro life platforms. I don’t care if a candidate is pro life or pro choice as long as he can do the job he is elected to well. I personally believe that abortion is a moot point in America. It has been legal for over 39 years. Do you really think any politician is going to fight that battle? They may say they are pro life but they are not going to fight for sweeping change only mild modifications. Abortion in America is here to stay so why waste time fighting a losing battle when there are more important things to be done?

Then there is the legalization of marijuana. It is not even as dangerous as alcohol and the reason it was made illegal was because the timber industry felt threatened by the hemp industry. Hemp is easier to produce and better for the environment than paper made from wood pulp but the timber industry managed to make hemp into a dirty word and now people still believe that marijuana is a drug that should be considered a narcotic. My opinion? Legalize it and tax it!

Now moving on to some of my more conservative ideas (these are far more likely to draw criticism then the previous ideas). Fist off I love my country very much and I am offended when I hear people talking bad about her from either side. When a conservative says that they are ashamed of this country because of the route it is taking I am deeply offended. When a liberal says that they are ashamed of this country or that it is in essence a monster I am offended. Yes America has done some very bad things and our government cannot always be trusted (I find it strange that a lot of the people saying that seem to also want to give it more power than it has already) but the American people are America and I happen to love most of the Americans I meet.

This brings me to an interesting point; I have noticed a lot of negativity lately surrounding politics and money. Since when did being wealthy make someone a bad person? I have noticed a lot of dissatisfaction amongst people lately about the wealthy. Whatever happened to being satisfied with your lot in life? Are you happy? Would that rich man’s money make you happy? You want the government to take away half of his money and give it to thousands of people so they can live better?

In my opinion that kind of thinking is lazy and selfish. Go earn your money yourself and then do with it as you wish. If you want to give it all away then good for you, but don’t expect the government to tell everyone what to do with their money. It is easy to be envious of someone who has more than you but it is also bad karma. If the rich man on the hill is stingy and greedy then he will get his eventually. I believe that with all of my heart. It is not up to me to make sure others act politely. I can only control myself and so I should work hard on being the best person I can be and let fate take care of those who are not nice to me.

Taking money from the rich and giving to all is bad for the economy. What motivation is there to excel and do better if you’re only allowed to keep a certain amount? I am only pointing out human nature. Communism failed because it made people lazy. The only way to motivate people under communism is to rule them with an iron fist. Socialism has the same faults. If you remove the chance for self improvement then people will stop trying to improve. It is very simple and very true.

So this brings me to something that will be very unpopular among my Colorado friends. I believe that President Obama is a socialist or at least very sympathetic to socialism. I think he is a poor leader who was not qualified to lead this country when he was elected and wouldn’t have been elected if the media hadn’t gone in the tank for him. I think the media is still biased in his direction even though some news outlets seem to be moving away from him.

I think that “Obama inherited a mess” is a cop out if you say it more than a year after he was elected. He was elected to do a job and he hasn’t done it. The economy is struggling and the real unemployment numbers are staggering. Bush was way over budget but Obama tripled spending in his first term after saying that it was “Unpatriotic” to have a deficit as large as Bush did.

Obama has spent 5.8 trillion dollars since he took office. That is 5.8 trillion dollars in three and a half years! That is 5.8 trillion dollars we do not have! We are in debt up to our necks and maybe worse. This isn’t just a little problem this is a huge problem and in my opinion the most important problem. You want everyone to have healthcare? Me too and we won’t have it in ten years if this problem is not dealt with. We’ll have whatever the Chinese say we get if we don’t stop the monetary hemorrhaging now!

I was recently told that it was foolish to say that America is the greatest country on earth. Well, when I was a kid that may have been true (I’m not saying it was but it was alright for me to think it). I don’t fault anyone who thinks that. I am glad they have pride in our nation. Our nation is great but not as great as it once was. Maybe it will never be that great again but I certainly want to try to get it there. I honestly doubt that any of my friends love this country more than I do. I love America with a passion that makes me cry when I see the flag wave and I hear The Star Spangled Banner.

I love this country and I love what it has given me and I think that in this time of crisis people need to stop looking for the government to do something for them and try to do something for their country. John F. Kennedy was right. We need to stop thinking for ourselves and right this ship before it is too late. Right now is not the time for government healthcare; it is the time for sacrifice. It isn’t time for us to whine about how much money the rich man has but to be grateful that we have it better than our grandparents and great-grandparents. I honestly believe that if people would spend less time looking at the rich man on the hill and more time working they could be much better off and leave a better life for their children and grand-children.

I am voting for Mitt Romney this election this fall. Not because I think he is the savior of America. Far from that, I think he will probably be a mediocre president but Obama has failed and it’s time for the next guy to get a chance. I do believe Romney will at least curb the spending and maybe if we’re lucky get us headed back towards a balanced budget. I’m sure plenty of you think I’m stupid but he can’t do any worse than 5.8 trillion dollars in four years. In my mind worse than that is inconceivable. If he is as inept a leader as Obama then in four years this discussion is moot. We will all be wearing little red hats with yellow stars anyway.

To all my dear friends (both liberal and conservative) keep in mind that I love you dearly and honestly don’t want to offend you. I just felt like I needed to get this out. Now we can all sit around and talk about football or gardening and avoid these awkward subjects. I would never want my politics to hurt any of my friendships and would never try to force my ideas on you but these ideas are a part of me so I guess I come with some baggage. I respect your opinions and hope you will respect mine enough to just let me have them and leave it at that.


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