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Jodi Arias her crazy reason for putting Travis in the's sicker than you thought.

Updated on February 23, 2015

I'm a writer, you just leave poorly worded comments

Nothing cracks me up like a person who finds my articles, dislikes something I say; then leaves a seething comment "anonymously" to tell me how horrible I am for trashing Jodi Arias and her entourage of derelicts and then closes their statement by saying something genius like- "you're un-American". Oh right, ok because nothing says patriotism like a nice violent murder.

Why am I not surprised?

I found this particular show of support interesting, because of course who else is going to support Casey Anthony besides Jodi Arias? Manson? Alyce Laviolette LOL
I found this particular show of support interesting, because of course who else is going to support Casey Anthony besides Jodi Arias? Manson? Alyce Laviolette LOL | Source

Example of the mentality of a Jodi Arias Supporter

Message left on Jodi Arias Facebook page, shows the true intellect of the people who support her, and attack me...quite laughable actually.
Message left on Jodi Arias Facebook page, shows the true intellect of the people who support her, and attack me...quite laughable actually.

Get with the facts...

First of all my articles are ALL listed under my name. I don't have to hide behind anonymity to tell you what I think. I'd also like to clear the air regarding "bloggers" and employment. First of all, I'm a writer not a blogger. This may come as a surprise to some of you but writing for a living in no way suggests that the author is incapable of working outside the home, like I said I work and I still find time to annoy you with my logic. I must have special powers I use purely for evil doing, like supporting a murder victim in hopes that justice is served, oh my how heinous of me!

The break down

Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander on June 4th 2008 by stabbing him 27 times (mostly in the back) one of those stabs was to his heart. Then she cut his throat from ear to ear almost decapitating him, and finishes him off by shooting him in the face. This all took place within a half hour of her having sex with him and convincing him to let her take photos of him in the shower where she ultimately started the attack in order to control him in a closed space where he was vulnerable, wet and less likely to be able to fend off her stabs.

If you think about the way she posed him in the shower while photographing him, it is almost a complete reenactment of the shower scene in Psycho. Pretty chilling uh?

After she leaves the crime scene she drives to Utah to meet a man she was starting a relationship with and acted as if nothing whatsoever had happened. He says that she acted perfectly normal and in no way indicated the kind of stress one would normally be under after massacring someone they supposedly loved. Poor Travis was not found for days, left in a shower stall naked and decomposing.

Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Wilmott

Murdered twice once in real life and once on the stand with lies and character assassination

Jodi Arias accused Travis Alexander of every horrific crime known to man aside from kicking puppies and knocking over old ladies knowing FULL WELL IT WAS ALL LIES. Her testimony would have been laughable had it not been so heartbreaking to watch his families grief almost unbearable at times during her testimony that lingered on for 14 days. Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Wilmott were so insensitive to the victims family and the entire courtroom with their behavior and perpetuating of these lies that there is little to no chance either of those people have one ounce of moral character.

Take a stab at my poll

Is Jodi going to get the death penalty?

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Part of the entry Jodi wrote in Travis' funeral guest book


Things that make you go....WTF?

---> Jodi Arias left a message to Travis Alexander in his memorial service guest book:
“Travis, you are beautiful on the inside and out…this world has been blessed because you have been here."

--->She sent flowers to Travis' Grandmother after she killed him.

--->She walked around the funeral trying to talk to people and ask questions about "who could have done such a thing".


If you are a Jodi Arias supporter and you dislike what I write about, oh well. Kick rocks!

Jodi re-creates Psycho shower is the proof.


Psycho Re-Enactment by Jodi Arias

I have found these images on twitter which completely substantiate what I already knew, Jodi is not just a Psycho herself but she is a very creative one. The step up and the planning and the persuasion she had to use to get Travis to agree to this must have been no small task.

© 2014 Karen Ranoni


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    • profile image 7 months ago

      At last! People who know the Calvin Klein-inspired poses are hogwash. About the only thing Jodi Arias said that might be true is that she shot him first. That was why she brought the gun. Her intention was always to shoot Travis Alexander continuously in the shower.

    • profile image

      James Fsrr 13 months ago

      Not very Calvin Klein. Remember how she told her police interrogator she took those posed photos of Travis in the shower because she was inspired by a Calvin Klein commercial? No way.

    • Karen Ranoni profile image

      Karen Ranoni 3 years ago from Romeo, MI

      My thoughts exactly equal opportunity hoe bag! I just hope with every fiber of my being that she doesn't somehow get out of life sentence and is eventually paroled. I also hope they air this next portion of the trial, seems unconstitutional to not allow the public to watch a hearing, if we lived in AZ we would be allowed to attend so why not allow us to attend by TV?

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Karen...your work--Outstanding!...The pictures of Psycho scenes & Travis------Powerful!.....The rampant ignorance of some people who support a cold-blooded murderess----Mind-blowing.......Your Poll----didn't answer it because IMO, Jodi will go for whatever, whomever she can get/use/ for the stay as well as seduce the C.O's and have them doing her bidding & bringing her treats & gifts etc. to her cell. She's an equal-opportunity slut bag............UP+++