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I'm worried!

Updated on October 5, 2015

It borders me...

When I took an English class in 2009, my Professor had us write the final paper on the Death Penalty. She is SOOOOO against it; and I... Sorry... I am for it!

I tell you why!

I see a lot of the stuff that goes on. I was a Federal German Border Patrol Police Officer and am now once again working for a Police Department. Some of this stuff makes you sick!

Almost every day I see alerts where people kicked in the doors of people's house and threatened and robbed them in their own home! ...Home is something I had to work for and is VERY special to me! If you are not safe in your own home anymore...

There are people that do things beyond anything that a NORMAL person should do. They do it willingly and out of capitalism, lack of care/respect for others, who knows...

These kind of people, the murderers, drug dealers, rapists, child molesters, etc... I'm sorry, but when you disrespect another life like that... you lost your right to your own!

I as a parent feel the need to check the different sex offender websites on a regular base to ensure my children will be safe just making it off the bus and to the house!

Death Penalty

Are you for or against the Death Penalty?

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Bad timing...

At the time when she made us write the article, a little girl had been found duct-taped, raped, beaten and mistreated and dumped in a ditch full of water. It was later determined that she drowned!

Ask me again if I am PRO Death Penalty!

She made me re-write that paper five times and I quoted everybody including the Bible! I did not change my standpoint!

So what do we do about it???

I am a firm believer that somebody is innocent until proven guilty! And that mistakes happen. But we do... OK with our justice system. The cops I work with are very professional, experienced and some of the best I have met. And while we enjoy Christmas dinner at home with our family, sitting around the tree, they are driving patrol through our neighborhood!

And the fire department works! And the soldiers are out there fighting for our rights for freedom! And the hospitals are open in case we set the tree on fire and burn ourselves... Or else!

But what does the first article (link) below have to do with crime and criminals?

I recently got to tour a new prison and one of the facts provided was that while every prisoner is entitled to 2,200 calories of food, they get more like 3,000!

Please read the article below!


Our Elders

What would/will happen to your Elder(s) when they get too old to care for themselves?

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Senior vs. Prisoner

My grandmother used to not eat meat for a week or two so she could send us money for Christmas and Birthdays.

When I was driving for Meals on Wheels, an old Lady became my favorite. She would cry in happiness over the tiny portions of food we delivered... And cry a little more if I would give her all the overage I had saved for her... A tiny bun or an extra juice meant the World to her!
I always wondered what became of her!

I see older people at the stores sometimes. Too many are poorly clothed and have to count their pennies to buy a few things of food!

A volunteer day at a retirement home turned into a fun day for them and a heart-breaker to me! Highly intelligent older people were looked up with those that suffered from all kinds of things that left them unresponsive and often drooling on themselves. Dumped by their families, because it was too much work to take care about them!

What happened to the family system that had us young generations take care about our Old, who continue to teach us and provide us with their wisdom!?

While they may be too old to work, our Seniors are our history, our knowledge, our wisdom! And for me every moment with Grossmutter, Tante Batze and Tante Erdmund were moments of comfort and happiness!
I remember that older couple that always had us come up so that they could give us a pack of chocolate they had bought for us... Saved for over a course of a week or two, so that they could make two little girls happy!



Why is it that a convicted criminal gets free housing, free food, free clothing, free medical and dental, free library, free computer access, free job training, free TV...

...And our older Generations are starving to death in front of our eyes!?

What is wrong with us when nobody gets up in a bus when a Senior approaches? When we see the neighbor's yard overgrowing and don't border asking if we could cut him for it, because he is too old er sick to push the mower? When an old Lady sits alone in her house or apartment and gets so excited about us coming by with that tiny meal, because it is food and because for a few minutes she is not ALONE? When an old neighbor's porch light is off for months because we can't take five minutes to change the light bulb for them? When a Senior freezes to death in the Winter and doesn't get found until the smell alerts us in the Spring, because everybody walked pass the apartment door and never took five minutes to knock and say 'Hi' and 'How are you?'?


Should we have a Social System that gives the comforts given to prisoners to Seniors?

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I am and I will...

I am going to get up on the bus when a Senior approaches and offer him/her my seat!

I am going to hold the door for a Senior!

I am going to call the Retiree forced to work as Walmart greeter Sir or Ma'am and take a moment to ask (and listen to the answer) how they are!

I am going to fix light bulbs, lose steps, leaking windows or whatever else needs done; and knock on the door to say 'Hi'!

And as long as I can I will continue to support organizations like Meals on Wheels and Habitat for Humanity to help those in need!

Did you know that every base I was ever stationed at had a weatherization program for older people!?

Those fellow soldier that often get treated like shit... They are out there every fall to get the houses of Seniors and others ready for winter!

So that they don't freeze to death while a convicted criminal enjoys a warm cell and three square meals!


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    • Cat R profile imageAUTHOR

      Cat R 

      6 years ago from North Carolina, U.S.

      I will always wonder how this little old lady is doing that was so happy about a tiny bun!

    • Lastheart profile image

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 

      6 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      I see your point...I never seen it like this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Borsia profile image


      6 years ago from Currently, Philippines

      I am also a big supporter of the death penalty. I would omit drug dealers, because it isn't clear just what kind of drugs you are talking about, and include the white collar scum that have conned people out of their life savings like Bernie" Madoff and his ilk.

      However I have real problems with the way the justice system is run and how prosecutors are more worried about convicting someone often ignoring the evidence that they are innocent.

      Look at the case of a man in Oakland, CA who was sentenced to over 40 years for cultivation of marijuana.

      Prosecutors portrayed him as a major grower supplying street gangs with pot to sell.

      Just one slight problem; he was hired by the city / county to grow it and he only had a few plants with a total street value of maybe a couple hundred dollars.

      The judge ruled that his written contract with Oakland could no be introduced as evidence and none of the witnesses he called were allowed to testify.

      There have been many cases where things like DNA are barred from trials and appeals.

      These things are easy to fix but haven’t been and may never be.

      I think most rational people would agree that things like DNA testing should be done in every case where it is available. Nobody should sit in prison, let alone face execution without being able to have all evidence fairly heard.


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