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Images of War Should Never Be Censored

Updated on February 12, 2018

I think that images of war should never be censored no matter how graphic the images might be. If you're censoring images of war you're hiding the harsh reality of what happens during war. People should know exactly what is going on. People will become outraged at anything this day and age no matter what it is.

This photo is one that people may find offensive or disturbing. This photo was taken on 1/1/1966. This is from the Vietnam War. It shows women and children, one child being probably not even two years old, crouching in a muddy canal as they try and run for cover. As i previously stated some people may find this image to me to much and distasteful. But, in my opinion these were the photos that needed to be shown back then in order to get people to realize how real and scary war really is.

This images shows soldiers being gassed in World War II. This image could also be considered disturbing to some. But, if you're a solider at this time, you would want people to know the things that you have to go through.

This picture shows how real and violent wars can be. It shows Bosnian Partisans being held at gun point by German Soldiers. If this image were to be censored i feel as if it wouldn't be as strong and powerful of an message.

This image is from one of the most infamous war battles in WW2. This image is from "D Day". It took place on June 6th, 1944. It was when Allied forces invaded northern France. They stormed the beaches of Normandy and they were sitting ducks as the enemy had dug in above the beach, as the Allies Germans lost 425,000 men during this month-long battle.

This picture depicts something that i would describe as very sad. This picture shows a South Korean soldier under attack north of Bong Son. The sad part of the image is the fact that he is with his wife and kids.

The media has played a very big part in wars since World War 2. But, the most captivating story with the media and wars i can think of is that of Richard Nixon and the Vietnam war. Richard Nixon was denying that we were bombing Cambodia during The Vietnam War, but every night on the nightly news images and stories of war would come out and would show the American citizens that we in fact did bomb Cambodia. Nixon also claimed that we were winning the war, but again the media squashed his lies with images and stories.

I hope that after seeing all these images and how important they were for American citizens to see, you can agree with me that images of war should never be censored. Although, some images can be disturbing it is best that we are shown reality. These images can show us the harsh reality of what soliders go through no matter what the time period.


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