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Imagine if Kerry had Become President

Updated on September 19, 2013
Arrogance Personified
Arrogance Personified | Source

Secretary of State Kerry

I have many times accused the US government of being arrogant and I stand by that but today Secretary of State Kerry proved my point.

In a meeting talking to members of the General assembly he said “you are entitled to your opinions but you are not entitled to your own facts”. Now I fully agree with the sentiments but out of all present at the meeting, it is only the United States who have been proven to have had their so called ‘facts’ wrong in the past. If the United States were really interested in countries voting on the facts, they would allow ‘due process’. Instead they are determined to have a trial by media because they control the most heard medias in the world.

If the United States keeps maintaining to be the police of the world, they must allow the jury, which has to be the United Nations, to make up its own mind. First of all the United States did not want to go to the United Nations at all, they want to act like a vigilante and now they want to claim that the, supposedly unbiased, investigators will not tell the truth or will hide evidence. Now I am not saying that the United States are wrong in what they are saying but that is just my opinion and that is the point, it is the collective opinion that matters, certainly not just mine, Kerry’s or the President of the United States. In world affairs, the President of the United States was not voted in by the people, in fact he was only voted in by less than one third of the American people and so it is not his ‘will’ that should be bullied onto people, instead, in world affairs he should apply the same rules as those he was elected to represent in the US; justice for all, unbiased by political or religious beliefs and entitlement to trial by a jury of their piers. (Wasn’t the closing of Guantanamo Bay one of the major issues?)


The secretary of state for the United States stood up and sounded like a school teacher talking to a bunch of kids in stead of talking to a group of HIS piers. Ever since the Secretary of the United States was put in his position, after every meeting he has said “it is agreed that the only facts from the meeting will come from me”, as if whilst in a meeting with his piers, HE is the only one that can be trusted.

The United States often tell the world that they are the most generous when it comes to foreign aid. The facts are that by per income, they pay far less than any other western power. It is only because the US dollar is the Internationally accepted currency that they are listened to at all; the US dollar itself is now virtually worthless, only able to stand in BS, its actual value, backed by anything substantial has long gone. An example of this would be Haiti; although billions were pledged by the US government to Haiti, only thousands have actually seen their way to the beleaguered Island state, the rest is tied up in US corporate bank accounts and the pockets of high executives, plus of course politicians. After all, once the money has been passed to come out of the tax dollars, what else matters. So if the US government can turn a blind eye to thousands of people dying and suffering on their doorstep, most of whom are women and children, why are they so concerned about a few hundred miles away. Oh yes! They have already spent the Haiti dollars and so they are looking for more.

United nations

As far as the United Nations go, what concern are they to the US anyway? The US like to complain to the UN when a country does something that the US doesn’t like and try to scold the members for not agreeing with them, yet when the United Nations make a decision that the US doesn’t like, it totally ignores them, as in their dealings with Israel.

The United States good friend, Saudi Arabia is probably the biggest abuser of human rights, certainly in the Middle East, with the possible Exception of Israel. Yet nothing is said by the US about Saudi. The reason for this you may say, is because Saudi do not abuse US citizens but how do you know that? Before any US citizen is allowed to visit Saudi Arabia, the US’s friend, they have to sign a disclaimer saying that they will not seek US assistance if anything bad happens to them in Saudi. WHAT?

Now I could understand that if a citizen was travelling to North Korea or Iran, after all they are known not to get on with the US, and the US government rightly discourages citizens from visiting there but Saudi is supposedly the US’s friend and citizens are encouraged to do business there.

So, I guess it is like this; encourage your child to go to a child molesters house who is a personal friend of yours and tell them not to complain to you if they get molested. Tell them not to go to a child molesters house and then when the child disobeys you, blame the molester only.

President Kerry

With the ease with which Secretary of State for the United States, Kerry, can act so arrogant, I can only be glad, regardless of his political views, that he did not become the President. The United States, especially at this time when the US dollar is teetering on the verge of total insignificance, should be looking to be, not humble, but certainly not arrogant to the rest of the world. They can stand on their beliefs, as should any country, but they should let the court of the world have its fair hearing, listening equally to all sides instead of being bullied into acceptance by threats of withdrawal of funds or sanctions. Secretary Kerry, the world has already heard you, you have had your say, now let the jury hear from others so that they can truly make an unbiased decision. I fully understand that it may be your political career on the line but to let that stand in the way of reasoned justice, is acting in the same way as you are accusing Assad of doing. Put people first, NOT POLITICAL CAREERS.


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    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 4 years ago from UK and Mexico

      I believe Kerry came out strongly against the Vietnam war; now he is the leading Hawk regarding Syria. Another "Vicar of Bray!" Ideal presidential material. A liar with no moral convictions and with the lowered brow of our be-clubbed cave-men ancestors (ETC)