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Immigration Invasion::

Updated on July 22, 2015


Foreigners must disclose criminal records to come to UK - but European Union is exempt.

Checks on foreign nationals going through the UK criminal justice system have increased by more than 1,000 per cent.

"But we need to stop entry BEFORE the crime is committed"


This is absolutely ridiculous: (SOME: immigrants have to supply a criminal record). (BUT: EU is exempt). It is the responsibility of our state security services to carry out a full criminal record check on ALL immigrants. (But they don’t want the expense. Collateral damage is cheaper!). You cannot say it’s the immigrant’s responsibility to supply a criminal record statement; he/she is just going to give you a load of crap. A criminal record check should be carried out on ALL immigrants. It’s just that our government will not subscribe to the services available to do this. (Saving money again)!

Why Can’t We:

If country’s like Australia: New Zeeland: America: are prepared to subscribe to professional immigrant vetting services in the interest of the people’s safety and security: (Why can’t we)?

Other Countries:

If these countries are unable to vet you, you simply don’t get in. Our governments are destroying our country and depleting our people’s safety, security and quality of life, in: the interest of money. Our country has lost all its old fashioned values and principals and our charitable attitude is openly abused by some immigrants. The Christion values that our country once prided its self on and the ability to judge: where charity ends and common-sense prevails, is gone. Replaced: by the fear of “discriminatory” allegations.


But by its very nature: the protection: safety and security of any countries peoples must carry with it some discriminatory action! We as a nation are being invaded by nations: of no moral, ethical or sociological values. And this situation if forced upon our peoples, by governments that purport to represent our peoples!

Alice! Murdered:


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      big E 2 years ago

      Black skin would make the average white man look like a tough SOB.