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Impeach Kavanaugh?

Updated on September 17, 2019

Another allegation from another mysterious source

I am beginning to think that the latest member of the U.S. Supreme Court, Brett Kavanugh, a Trump appointee, that was approved in a sham investigation, was a virgin even into college. He felt a need to exposed himself to Ms. Ramirez at a drunken party during his freshman year and shoved it in her face. I guess he wanted a blow job.This was in 1983-4. With Ms. Ford, while in high school, he, again, at a more private party, got Ford into a bedroom with the idea of screwing her, no doubt, and somehow forced her onto the bed to lay upon her. In shock, Ford fought off Brett and ran out of the room, downstairs, and out of the house. Brett and his buddies laughed it off, to be forgotten, no doubt.

The key eyewitness to the above events is Max Stier, a well respected CEO of a non-profit and attorney. Stier confirmed the Ford and Ramirez accounts, as best as anyone could so long ago. Yet, this was not enough to stop the Kavanaugh nomination to pass even after the FBI did a quickie investigation lasting a whole week as directed by the White House. Since Trump was controlling what the FBI could or could not investigate (namely only those then known witnesses or people with knowledge) it was a sham.

New Third Allegation

Most Americans with any sense believe Dr. Ford's incredible emotional testimony that should have sunk this nomination. Many remain in stupid denial. Even the Ramirez account has been verified and most likely true from those questioned. I just wonder how Brett managed to shove his penis in her face, unless she was kneeling down or laying down. What was she doing that even gave Kavanaugh the chance to do this- there are physical constraints because a penis is not at eye level. But, this sort of question never even was asked. Did he grab her head or neck and shove it down into his penis?

In any case, this third allegation about a woman who refused to be interviewed or confirm the event came from Max Stier, who was an eyewitness to it, again, at a crazy college dorm drunkfest. Whomever this woman is (no names were given), according to Stier, was forced to hold Kavanaugh's penis in her hand for a bit (was she jacking him off?). Stier has said he told the FBI about this incident but the FBI did not investigate it at all. The FBI confirmed this.

A lot of people on the left and right, have their doubts about this new third allegation because the woman refuses to confirm or deny it happening and refuses to even talk about it. What this new revelation shows is the FBI one week investigation, controlled by Trump, with tight deadlines and restrictions, was a total sham. Why didn't the FBI at least follow up on it?

Kavanaugh is not getting impeached for these events. Hell, the Congress cannot even bring itself to impeach Trump in fear that it will backfire in the end since the Republicans control the Senate. What Kavanaugh did back in the early 80's continues over and over today in college drunkfests. If you deny this, you are living in a cloud. For many students, then and now, this was just part of college life. It was to be expected if you went to a party, to some extent. Some women will just brush such an event off, others are scarred by such behavior. Both sexes do a lot of regrettable, stupid, things in their 20's, while at college and they are high during a party.

The only reason any of this came to light was because of Kavanagh's nomination to the Supreme Court. All of this was unknown, it did not matter, before he had been nominated. But, it does matter now. Would this impact on any rulings by Judge Kavanaugh? Probably not, for by now, he is a man with his own biases and beliefs and will rule as he does. What happened so long ago is not right and embarrassing for all parties.

Kavanaugh's actions as a freshman in college, or whenever, is just political ammunition for those not wanting his conservative views to rule on the Supreme Court. The FBI was used just to placate the opposition to give the sham investigation a "credible" look. What this latest allegation shows is that the FBI really is not independent as we hoped, subject to skewing and control by POTUS.

Trump remains a danger to American democracy.


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