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Impeaching President Trump and Ilhan Omar Debate

Updated on March 6, 2019

If you turn on CNN, MSNBC and others, you would think there is no other news other than how the Democrats have casted a huge fishing net gathering some 81 individuals within President Trump's diabolical orbit. They want to have hearings with many, subpoena those who refuse to cooperate, and obtain documents in search of something to implicate Trump in some impeachable offense. Other members of the Democratic Congress have prematurely presented suits or bills to impeach President Trump.

Meanwhile, Ilhan Omar, the freshman Congresswoman who wears a hijab because she is Muslim (originally from Somali) continues to ignite the Democrats in a bad way with her insulting anti-Israel, anti-semitic, comments. Coming to her defense are, of course, Representatives Ocasio-Cortez and Rashiba Tlaib, both first freshman in Congress.

The only common thing between the two events are it is the Democratic Party and unless they get control, will literally hand Trump another win in 2020, which would be a BAD thing. Public opinion does matter and even to staunch Democratic voters it may all be too much! This is not to say the Republicans are any better, they are on the other extreme of things and few Republicans even have the guts to call out Trump the horrible president he is. They just cower to him like some sort of mafia boss.

Having a member of Congress like Omar state, " Jews are hypnotizing the world and is an apartheid state conducting genocide against the Palestinians" offends most Americans. It reminds one of Hitler's terror against them before in the late 1930's. Omar claims that the rich Jews paid American officials for their support of Israel. These are all echoes of what the Germans said of them in the 1930's, except in German society. She also implied that anyone who supports Israel holds an allegiance to a foreign country above the interests of the USA.

The Democrats forced Omar to apologize over some of the comments but have refused to remove her from the Foreign Relations Committee angering many on both sides, some call for her resignation.

From the outside to most Americans, it really does look like the Democratic Party is too far left with many of its newer members. How could they even get into office? The Democrats who remain in the middle of the political spectrum will be key in who gets elected in 2020. Both sides will need them and both political parties are now just too extreme in some ways. Both do not appeal to those in the middle and this could lead to more horrible choices during the 2020 election season.

Even CNN has declared there is a real emergency at the southern border due to the influx of those seeking a better life. It is NOT the same emergency that Trump has declared regarding the border wall, but it IS a real emergency that Homeland Security has said they will be overwhelmed when 70,000 refugees arrive. Regardless, it does play into Trump's narrative and for some, prove what he was saying was the truth, that is, there IS an emergency. This is something the Democrats have said was not true.

The Democrats are akin to a shark that smells blood in the water. They seek to find that fire where there has been so much smoke, but no smoking gun. We all know Trump is a liar. He only tells you things that make himself looks good and threatens when it does not go his way. Only fools have blind faith in President Trump and there are plenty of them, but it is also foolish to think the impeachment of Trump will happen. At best, it will be unethical but not a crime or a "high crime". At best, it will be just bad politically.

In the end, as 2020 comes closer, the great divide between both parties will worsen and leaving a vast amount of those in the middle with the same issue that faced them in 2016, which party is the better of two evils?


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