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Important Messages For Turkey And The European Union

Updated on September 27, 2014 | Source

In The Previous Article

In the previous article, I've talked about Turkey's new laws for the Syrian people and how its agreement was based upon with the E.U, to check out this important article please follow the link provided right here below.

My Message:

What's more beautiful than giving what we are capable of giving in this life? What puts a real smile on our faces is seeing other people smiling and relaxed because of our cooperation and help.

I liked to write about a very important message concerning the Syrian people in Turkey and the ones wishing to seek asylum in European union countries.

So here's the message.

For Turkey:

You can do better! You can always do better and my suggestion to you is:

Why don't you start giving Syrians ID's identical to the ID's that the Turkish citizens have while stating that within let's say about 3 to 5 years, Syrians can have their rights to ask for the Turkish nationality? Is that too hard to do? Yes I know there are many Syrians who fled over to settle in your country but these Syrians are humans too just like your own citizens and with time they integrate and automatically will be considered Turkish people due to the fact that they will be speaking Turkish, working, eating and walking with Turkish people besides starting to get some or most of the Turkish traditions implemented into their lifestyles providing that the people to get such rights should not do any crime or abuse whether physically or verbally.

Believe me, a lot of Syrians are dying for the day to see such law announced and put into real consideration, think of it out of humanitarian side but if we think about it from other sides too actually these Syrian people will be useful whether economically or politically or whatever.

Aren't you inspired enough from the laws decided and done concerning Syrians in Sweden?

You can do much better than that my beloved country Turkey!

Night falls on a Syrian-rebel controlled area on Sa'ar street. An apartment is illuminated by fire used by one family to keep them warm beside destroyed buildin | Source

For the European Union:

Why are you making it hard for Syrians to flee to your countries? Do you think that blocking the way would really stop them from coming? No, it will actually make them forced into risking their lives to have a better life in countries where human rights are respected such as Norway, Sweden and Germany but mostly Sweden!

How about starting to cooperate with organizations to help these Syrians into fleeing to your countries without having to pay the money they've worked hard throughout their whole lives to make and while risking their lives too through taking dangerous roads and ways into reaching your borders for help and asylum?

Organizations that don't include the UNHCR for example? Because this organization don't have its main purpose set for humanitarian reasons, they work on it for political reasons and statistics.


I had a Syrian friend who applied to the UNHCR, she wanted to go to Sweden for asylum and she asked that from the UNHCR - this was made available to her after getting to know her more and within about being an 11 month or more UNHCR registrant- usually the UNHCR tells Syrians who apply that they do not provide any travelling for asylum assistance but with time and after knowing the registrant they put his/her applications and wish into consideration but everything comes with a price my dear friends.

The interviewers there asked her to talk about the Bashar Al Assad's System and its negatives - knowing that my friend's family have been always supporting this system and that it just circulates in their veins - yes the information are totally confidential but her fear of never being able to go back to Syria even for at least a visit stopped her from talking about the system and instead she just backed up and started to think about another way into leaving for better life in a better country.

Let's Hear It From You Now!

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