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Improving Our Job Situation

Updated on January 2, 2011

We Need to Work Together to Solve our Situation

Dialogue makes all the difference

Dialogue is one of the most important items in making changes to bring about better exsisting conditions. No matter what the issue, the problems must be laid out and discussed. I would highly suggest that neighborhood meetings to express ideas should be held. We cannot always depend on a big bureaucratic govermnent to sollve all of our problems. That has proven not to work well in the past and still does not. I am going to suggest some ways to do this as a starter. It will start with all of our richest corporations, towns, cities, and individuals. If money can be set aside to create new jobs, this could create a domino affect. How? By creating jobs for others for example, the local business down the street begins to get more customers because they are working thus giving them the incentive to hire more workers and so on. How do we get wealthy organizations and businesses to give money to create new jobs? It begins with special legislation to create tax incentives and also grants that are already available and the redirecting of other grants to respond to this critical need for jobs. Another possibility is for state governors to redirect their budgets to try and obtain foreign trade for their individual states. Some may say that this is not easy and that I don't have any information or know any facts about how government operates to make such a statement. I would respond to that by saying that bureaucracy and getting through it is a major obsticle. I would also suggest that borrowing from other countries needs to beĀ  limited. Also decreasing some humanitarian aid by asking other countries to share the burden will lessen the outflow of money to other countries. Most importantly we must have a serious evaluation of these 9 year wars that have been going on. Never before have we been in two wars like this. I dont believe fighting an ongoing war which increases borrowing and does not bring income back into the country is going to break the back of terrorism. We must not allow stubborn prejudices, anger, and people running for offices with lack of experiances to drive our country apart. If change is truly to come it must come from the determination of the American people who love their country enough to pull us above water. Its in our hands. This is a card that we must play. It's time to stop fighting among ourselves, pointing fingers and cursing and denigrating everyone from the president to your local city councel. If we do not do this the long term effects could be devastating. Cuts in public safety such as fire and police could result in increased crime and drive the cost of medical insurance up and create a heavy stress on hospitals and doctors. Loss of self worth due to inability to work could create serious psychological problems thus leading to more crimes affecting everyone whether they earn high, medium, or low incomes. I would also encourage individuals as well as employers to look into buying bonds on an ongoing monthly basis as well as using existing retirement programs such as 401k's to help people at the time of retirement or loss of their jobs for those with existing jobs and after the recovery of work for the unemployed.


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