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Are You Living in Constant Danger?

Updated on September 16, 2017

Violent Communities and How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

When you are in constant danger, you must be extremely vigilant, especially if you happen to live in a crime-ridden neighborhood or community. You must watch your back at all times, even when you are in the confines of your own home. You never know when shots may be fired, either knowingly or accidentally, through your window pane. Having lived in a violent community during my college years, I learned to adjust my goings and comings to the nature of my environment. You must be Aware. Somebody could be watching and waiting for a chance to take advantage of your every move. They could be around a deserted corner or peering at you through the crack of an abandoned building, or standing behind the door at the entrance of your apartment. Many unassuming victims, including myself once, have falling prey to robbers because of our negligence in paying attention to our surroundings.

A Life Changing Forty Two Seconds

While walking home one night in a dark neighborhood after getting off a street bus, I was unexpectently confronting by four or five thuggish looking young men and teenagers. One of which had managed to sneak behind me and apply a sleeper hold. Not knowing what was going to happen next, I didn’t resist as they removed all of my valuables and personal belongings. The incident lasted less than one minute, although it seemed much longer. Fortunately, with a bet of inward prayer, I escaped what could have been a life ending situation. However, if I had been vigilant regarding my surroundings with a well thought out plan and response, I would have had a 90% chance of escaping the terror of strong-armed robbery. From that day on, I decided upon a plan to put myself in a position to escape becoming a victim of crime a second time. You can do the same. Being in constant danger doesn’t mean you have to become a victim, even when you live in a dangerous neighborhood or community. Several strategies and tactics exists that will help you protect yourself no matter where you live.

Pre-Planned Escape Route

A pre-planned escape route can help you escape when you suspect someone is following you. Escape routes could be simply running to a nearby neighbor’s house or running into a public building where people can call the authorities. Observe your neighborhood carefully. What can you hide behind or dodge behind if shots are about to be fired at you? You might panic without the knowledge of where to go. But never Panic. If you have to walk home everyday, mark every possible escape route leading toward your house. Picture scenarios of danger and plan your response to them. You never know when ducking behind a neighbor’s car or tree can save your life. Knowing where you can escape in situations of danger can go along way in outwitting criminals.


Goodwill Neighbor Watch

This plan requires consulting with those neighbors who are fed up with the violence and crime within the neighborhood. Here is how it works. Get together with neighbors who care, exchange information regarding the times in which you will be leaving your residence or coming home. Have neighbors look out for one another’s home comings. There should also be phone calls to confirm each other’s safe arrival if something appears out of place. A goodwill neighbor watch is simply an agreement to be your neighbor’s keeper. Such plan may appear to be a lot of work, but it is an unquestionable investment if it is going to help save you and your neighbor’s life. Neighborhoods become dangerous because no one wants to get involved in helping clean the neighborhood of crime. As a result, people become prisoners within their own homes. But you must not let this happen. According to wise sayings, evil people can only triumph if good people sat back and do nothing. Therefore, initiate a goodwill neighbor watch in your neighborhood as soon as possible.

Danger Alert Number

If you are walking through a threatening neighborhood, you should always have a hand on your Smartphone as well as an emergency number to push if you suspect you are in danger. Neighbor should know that when you call this number, it is an alert for immediate danger in the neighborhood. This emergency number should be used whenever there is any disturbance in the neighborhood, such as when shots are fired or when fights breakout among contentious gangs or families. In neighborhood watch programs, neighbors inform one another when suspicious looking people are roaming through the neighborhood. Using such strategy goes a long way in attacking crime in the neighborhood.


Staying Safe

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Self-Defense Tactics

Obtaining self-defense skills is a great investment toward protecting yourself from becoming a victim of crime. If you are a person who want easily panic in a dangerous situation, you may be able to effectively disable a criminal who is attempting to assault you. Self-Defense skills will give you the capability to attack vital pressure points on the human body that could permanently damage or even fatally harm a criminal. Knowledge of self-defense strategies will empower you with a sense of confidence and self-esteem wherever you go. Sometimes criminals are dissuaded by the appearance of a confident looking individual. In addition to physical self-defense tactics, possessing a can of pepper spray is another method of disarming a criminal. However, you must be precise in using this tactic in order to avoid spraying yourself. If you suspect a possible attack on yourself, you should have your hand already on the trigger. Attempting to utilize the pepper spray while being attacked can be counterproductive.

Refuse to become imprisoned

No real guarantees exist that will assure that you want become a victim of crime. Therefore, we must always say our prayers day and night, every time we leave and return to our dwellings. Sometimes we may become victims no matter how much we avoid or seem to be prepared for it. We must pray for protection. Nevertheless, having an arsenal of strategies and techniques available for use, will lessen the chances of being victimized in the dangerous neighborhoods and communities across the nation. Since this is the place were many of us must live, we must never imprison ourselves for fear of being attacked. We must stand up for our freedom, despite the cost.


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