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In Her Shoes: The Modern Slavery Epidemic

Updated on September 16, 2012

Let's End Slavery

   Shara was only seven when she was sold into slavery. she came from a very poor family, and selling her was the only way her parents could keep food on the table, could make sure her older brother stayed strong enough to help their father. she was told to go quietly with the men who bought her, to fight would show she was a bad daughter, and would disgrace her family. So, she went quietly. She went quietly into a life of living hell. by the time shara was almost nine, her body was wracked with aids. it had been tortured and beaten, not because she had been bad and fought her tormentors, but because they took sadistic pleasure in beating a child while having sex with her. she took in less nourishment then when she had lived with her parents. Shara never made it to her tenth birthday. Shara was a lucky one. some actually make it to adulthood, living such lives.

While the above story is a work of fiction, the story behind it is not. this is happening in real life, everyday. twenty seven million people around the world are estimated to be slaves. today. not back in the 1800's. but today.

but that is something that doesn't affect the usa, it happens in third world countries...right? wrong! it happens right here in the usa as well. third world countries...what does that really mean anyway? this whole planet is the third planet from the sun...not just a few backwater countries on it. so, in my opinion, that makes every country on it third world countries. and just like every human is capable of both good and evil, so is every country. that is why it is not a good idea to be blindly patriotic. if you can't see what ails your country, you can't fix it...we may not be able to stop human trafficking and slavery in other countries, not yet anyways, but we CAN make an attempt to do so in our own country. the bible says don't attempt to remove the splinter from your brothers eye until you have removed the beam from your own. well, let us remove the stain of human trafficking and human slavery from american soil...then we can attempt to remove it from the rest of the world.

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