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In & Out - Park in Dark in Day.

Updated on February 23, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Picture this.[ Gardan City - Bangalore.]Corrupted.

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2.
Picture 2.
Picture 4
Picture 4
Picture 5.
Picture 5.
Picture 6.
Picture 6.
Picture 7.
Picture 7.
Picture 8.
Picture 8.
Picture 9.
Picture 9.
Picture 10.
Picture 10.

Gardan City Corrupted.

The Hubs are published from Bangalore city - India.

The Tags or the Category may not be 100% applicable to the publications due to limitations in choice and appropriate to the writings as all things get interlinked.

This is my Locality and is looked after by our BBMP which stands for Bruhut Bangalore Mahanagar Palike.

Bruhut means Wide or Big according to me.

Mahanagar Means Big City.Yes correct.

Palike means I think keepers.

It was a small city but politicians have made it Big.

The City has no Mayer since several years.

The City's Corporaters also are there fore not available since several years.

The reason being the city's population has to be divided in to equal divisions so as to enable more corporators and increase corruption equally amoung the politicians.

The result is shown in pictures given above: -

Picture 1.

This is 12th cross in my locality,this is supposed to be a small park but is in such a state that to walk past this place we have to cover our nose from staunch smell emitted by garbage thrown regularly by the houses surrounding this place.This is like this since over 10 years.he corporators are not interested in this low income corruption.

Picture 2.

Here is a Board fixed showing who is the area representatine his name and telephone number is listed.That is to contact him if you want to say your grivence but no body is interested to show him nor he is bothered he stays in a posh place in a 20 Bed Room Bunglow.He is worth over Rs.700,000,00,000.

Picture 3.

This is the Parking place for the Garbage Collectors Cans who take these plastic cans to all houses but collect only once if it is given in time,there is of course the choice to pay the garbage collectors to go in to the houses to take the garbage if they are paid extra sum.The problem is it is inside the Park.

Picture 4.

This is inside the Park if you can call it.

Picture 5.

This is another view inside this apology for a park.

Picture 6.

This is a horrible accident prone spot as there is a 6 inch steel pipe or lead pipe right inside the road.Those who come by accident will have invited a accident.

Picture 7.

Unused road construction material kept right on the road and is a Go-down for the contractor to remove when ever he needs it where ever.

Picture 8.

This is the trolley over which the plastic cans are loaded to collect the Garbage but they are on the road Kept right out side the Park.

Picture 9.

This is the Walkers Side Bar all around the park.You need to come out of a Bar to get in this Park to walk.Even if you do not go in to a Bar if you walk over this Side Walk in the Park,it will look like you are out of a Bar due to undulations and you walk sometimes like a drunk person.

Picture 10.

This is God Ganapathi mini temple constructed by the House Owner who is a retired IRS officer who daringly used public place to use this side walk to his fancy.As he has kept the God no one will dare to do anything about it.

The money alloted to the park maintenance is never accounted properly though it is considerable but goes else where.


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