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In Riverside County, If You Do A Crime, You do the Time AND Pay the Dime

Updated on January 18, 2012

Inmates Pay to Stay!

In the old days, before the California budget crisis, those who got busted would go to jail once convicted or before, get free food and a warm bed in jail. Nowadays, they still do but now the first county in California is charging the inmate for the stay at the tune of $142.00 a night. This includes police protection, a bed, and edible food. You even get a jumpsuit and health care! Inmates with no assets will still get the luxery free, but not totally. The county will have the legal ability to garnish future wages, place liens on homes, seize valuable property to pay off the jail time stay. This could be quite significant for the two-bit criminal getting busted for a mere misdemeanor and cannot post bail.

For Riverside county alone, they could reap s cool six million a year. Currently, a similar plan is considered for State penitentiaries as well, and why not? Instead of a free ride once convicted, making the criminal also pay to stay in jail actually is motivating to NOT return! Right now, repeat offenders come back, almost as a joke because they cannot make it on the outside or are too lazy. If the State can also go after relatives of the convicted, the burden is even greater to stay out because it is no longer free to the inmate or his family outside.


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