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In The Desert Shall Flower Mushrooms

Updated on January 3, 2010

In the desert shall flower mushrooms.



In the desert shall flower

mushrooms stretching

over the horizons
obliterating all

the most ancient

of places.

At long last

the deserts
will be truly

bones will bleach
white in the sand
for hundreds of

years till powdered,
then they will blend
with the radiated sand.

Stone walls will crumble

and Allah's people will be

but a shadow on the
shattered facades.....


All of the dancing children
and lovely robed women
silenced by the white

heat of insanity.

All of the brooding men

darkly bearded
blasted into tiny

molecules of dust.

Palm trees reduced
to splintered organics,

when all palms stretched

out in peace are spat upon

and wounded grieviously.

High fences will be raised
electronic and barbed
to surround what once was
a peoples homeland.

Access will be denied

for many decades to come,
only roaches and scorpions

will scuttle through the

rubble of mideast ruins,
and the maps will show
only a blank space
where once the names

etched in black are now

hammered into red and
faded into nonexistence.


Let all be forewarned
that this must COME TO PASS!!!
if any dare to bring

poisons and toxins
dirty bombs or nuclear devices.
For all who dare to

deal death by any

more commercial transport
or preplanned firestorms
into the Allied cities
to choke tiny babies
into stilled breath
and sicken women with
deadly diseases and
eradicate the able bodied men
who only seek to live
in peace with their families.

NATO will not save you

when the gases swirl
Nato will shake their

heads and cry...
"We made a mistake,

 but never again!!!"
when innocent souls

are felled by madness
released by those who

claimed to have nothing.

No rock will hide you....
no cave will save your
putrid scum infested flesh
like pigs on a spit you
will be roasted alive
and your flesh will be fed
to the swine you so detest.

A complete and udder 

holocaustic rendering
and dissolving of your tribes
your civilizations and your dreams.

You will be as no more

and your names
will not be spoken
nor remembered for all time.

Ten thousand hiroshima
dragons will devour you
and though the world may
lay waste for a long time
the revenged will rebuild it all
"without you and yours"

 and  they will live on

to dream again.



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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      Yowsers! You are on a death roll today! :D