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In October 1962, It Was the Cuban Crisis. In October 2018, It Is the Honduran Crisis. [F1 655]

Updated on June 24, 2019

The US invasion by Honduras

How many of these "Honduran" migrants are MS13, Criminals, Drug Cartel mules, diseased, and who is funding their march?
How many of these "Honduran" migrants are MS13, Criminals, Drug Cartel mules, diseased, and who is funding their march?

The Cuban Missile Crisis to the Honduran Invasion of the US Crisis.

The Cuban Missile Crisis, also known as the October Crisis of 1962, was resolved by then president John F Kennedy. Now fifty six years later and also in October we have another international crisis, but this time it is not a war threat in the typical definition.

  • The Caribbean Crisis, or the Missile Scare, was a 13-day confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union concerning American ballistic missile deployment in Italy and Turkey with consequent Soviet ballistic missile deployment in Cuba.

Today, the crisis is the invasion of the sovereignty of the United States as opposed to the nuclear destruction from Russian missiles in Cuba. While there are no military weapons involved in the Honduran crisis, it is no less a clear and present danger to the sovereignty and existence of the United States of America.

Had the Cuban missiles been permitted to stay, the threat of a nuclear attack that is so close could only be responded to by the United States as a response attack. Then the nuclear war could end in a short time based on the number of nuclear weapons in existence by both the US and Russia. The last country to fire a nuclear missile might be the winner, if any such title is meaningful in a nuclear war.

Today we have that same threat from Russia, North Korea, and Iran. But we have time and options to deal with them before nuclear war is imminent. Today, we have a march of four to five thousand "migrants" from Honduras heading towards the United States and expected to arrive at the US border sometime before the midterm election.

This is in essence a paramilitary threat by these thousands of migrants to the sovereignty of the United States. What is at issue here our the borders that bound our country, the United States of America. The democrats are the champions of open US borders and I suspect that there is a wealthy backing by people known to fund the democrat platforms and candidates.

The democrats would love to have this march coincide with the midterm elections. The democrats then could leverage this march and how president Trump and the republicans handle it. This would be worth millions or even tens of millions of votes for the democrats. Currently, the democrats don't have any winnable political platform to counter the Trump and republican parties accomplishment for America and the American people.

This is a lot like the timing of the judge Kavanaugh accusers that came forward after the senate judiciary committee hearing was ready to vote on his nomination. California democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein sandbagged her own committee by sitting on the letter for six weeks and through the entire hearing on nominee judge Kavanaugh. Then they sprung the accusation and it was obvious that their intent was to delay the vote until judge Kavanaugh or president Trump took him out of the running. They sought and found two more accusers against judge Kavanaugh but none of them could prove their accusations with evidence or corroboration. But the democrats still kept the nomination in limbo for three more weeks even whining and getting a seventh FBI investigation on Kavanaugh. Like the other six investigations the FBI found nothing.

How does this relate to the Honduran crisis? It relates as another tactic by the democrats to use everything and anything to take down president Trump and the republicans that support him.

The democrats are the ones that want the US borders to be open and let in anyone that can illegally trespass into the US. The democrats only care about these people as potential democrat voters.

Both president GW Bush and president Barack Obama have ordered the military to the US Mexico border during their presidency to the tune of $1.3 billion dollars. So the democrats shouldn't be surprised or angry that president Trump might also put the US military on that border.

Why should these or any other people be able to come across the US border without being invited? The answer is they shouldn't for a number of reasons. In 1986, then president Ronald Reagan gave all illegal aliens amnesty. But instead of that being taken as a good thing, a moral thing and a just thing, it was taken as being OK for anyone to illegally cross into the US.

  • Today, we have over 22 million illegal aliens in this country taking advantage of the democrat freebies of free education, free medical, welfare, food stamps, and other benefits. And all the democrats want in return is their vote. And to encourage these illegal aliens to vote they make it difficult by not supporting voter id. But in case voter id becomes a requirement, the state of California has allowed illegal aliens to get California Driver Licenses which are identical to any of the California Driver Licenses and could be used as id to vote in our elections.

California and other liberal places have even protected CONVICTED Illegal Aliens FELONS from being arrested and deported. Why would anyone think that is a good thing, a moral thing, a just thing?

The Honduran March to the US

This compares in clear and present danger to the Cuban Missile Crisis in that what the threat of Nuclear Attack is more like sabre rattling because no one thinks they will survive against the might of the US.

But taking over the US by invading it over the course of time and keeping and protecting the illegal aliens that make it here is more like the relation of high blood pressure to heart failure. You don't feel sick and then you are very sick or die. The same thing is true because as the millions of illegal aliens accumulate in the US decade after decade, and without any protection to prevent them or even dead people from voting in our elections, the US could lose their government to illegal aliens.

I suspect that the reason that Hillary Clinton had three million more popular votes than Donald Trump was from dead people, people that voted several times, and votes from illegal aliens. Can I prove that, well no one can disprove it because we don't have the ability to check the voters for eligibility thanks to the democrats and no voter id checks.

Democrat supporters also whine that we can't prove that terrorists, criminal, sexual predators, alcoholics, drug carriers, drug users or any other kind of not wanted attribute are in with the illegal aliens. The answer is that if you don't look for it, how can you find it.

There is no right for people to come to the US without being invited here.

Above and beyond that criteria, why should these people that can walk across the open US borders get preferential treatment ahead of all those immigrants that go through the expensive, time consuming vetting process as required by the current immigration laws.

What do these for example Honduran migrants add to the US, what is the benefit to the US for them being in the country. It shouldn't be because they can get freebies, an unvetted path to citizenship and in the meantime be treated like pseudo American Citizens? The answer is that there is no benefit to having unvetted, trespassers that only drain the resources of the country provided by the American Taxpayer.

There are scores of countries around the world that fit the same criteria that these illegal aliens possess, and there is no way that we can be responsible to take them all in to the US.

Can anyone explain how it is beneficial to put illegal aliens ahead of American Citizens and Legal Immigrants? The democrats don't want a border wall because they say it doesn't work, and they don't want to pay tens of billions of dollars to erect it. Yet, they have no problem paying billions in freebies to these illegal aliens, including the billions it takes to enforce an open border. They don't care about the $20 billions in heroin coming across the open border each and every year. And along with those drugs are drug carriers, drug dealers, drug criminals, terrorists, criminals, human traffickers, gangs, and illegal weapons. That is each year, while the wall is a one time expense. There are also the billions spent on arresting, convicting and imprisoning the illegal alien criminals.

And as long as the open borders continue, the cost of these illegal aliens will continue to rise, while again the border wall is a one time cost.

The detriment of these unvetted aliens illegally coming into the US is that they are being their countries problems, hardships and way of life into the US. It is sad when you see these marches flying the flag of their country while demanding that they get into our country. The illegals already in this country, don't show any allegiance to our flag as they protest in Los Angeles flying their Mexican Flag while burning the American Flag.


Like the Cuban Missile Crisis this Illegal Alien Crisis has to be stopped, and not allowed to continue as it has been for decades. The people that are invited into the country should be given preference over illegal. They also need to benefit the US and not become a burden on them.

The European way of Immigrants last century came into the US only after vetting them, and all the immigrants got was entry to the country. Once in the country they were left to survive on their own and not on freebies from the government.

After reading this article can you comment on why we shouldn't be able to protect our borders and also choose who comes into the country?


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago



      You got it right.

      Any one in congress that supports that invasion, and the open borders that allow it should be deemed to have failed their oath to office.

      A virus doesn't have a military, or use guns, yet they can be even more deadly because of the speed and the way they can spread.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      20 months ago

      The US has a responsibility to its citizens to protect our borders from invasion. Make no mistake about it, this is an invasion. We have already seen the threat that this mob will bring to our nation if they are allowed to enter and disperse into our states, cities and home towns. The timing of this entire fiasco is suspicious to say the leas and I blame the Dems for this 100 percent.


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