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In the Mind of a Murderer Part-II: The Survivor

Updated on October 8, 2018
JT Walters profile image

JT Walters has a Master's of Science in Behavoralism from Florida State University. A former Campaign Manager in a Senate Race.

Staci Halstead Leading The Campaign to Protect Her Community


In the Mind of a Murder Part-II: The Survivor

When a murder occurs the first casualty is the victim, the second is the victim’s family and the third is casualty is society or the community which has entrusted the murder in their mists. To recall, I have been working on stopping the parole of a man who confessed to raping and murdering a four year old girl, Angel Ann Halstead. I am only assisting the family who I am so profoundly impressed with. They are good decent people who by fact that they have had a family member, who was four years old who was kidnapped, raped and murder, have spent their entirlife es trying to protect society from the assailant. They are a very low key high values based family. I am honored and privileged to work with them. The Halsteads are people who you'd want to be your friends, neighbors and civic members. And yet, they never feel sorry for themselves and stay focused on keeping the murder of their loved one from being paroled back into society. They are the guardians of our community because they have been thrust into the role and yet not a complaint or a bitter word is spoken from them.

So when I met them they spoke of their duty to protecting the community and the concerns they have that if, Brooks Bellay the confessed kidnapper, rapist and murder of four year old Angel Ann Halstead their family member, ever got out of jail. They expressed concern that he is so calculating and manipulative that he would kill another child but with the caveat that he was far more organized and would probably get away with it now. Bellay was caught the first time at the age of 14. Now at 47 years old with a state paid education, he is far more sophisticated and yet predictably unchanged.

What Would You Do?

If your four year old sister had been kidnapped, raped and murdered would you continue to work to keep her assailant behind bars?

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How the Halsteads’ Organized to Stop the Parole of a Kidnapper, Rapist and Murder.

Staci Halstead, sister of Angel Ann Halstead, contacted me about a hubpages article I had written about killers I had known in Vero Beach. In the article I included a feature about Brooks Bellay. Staci Halstead was very direct, sincere and exact. She showed and incredible maturity for her age which I attribute to inner strength gained from the tragic circumstances of her sister’s death. We agreed to meet last week on Monday during a torrential rain ao I drove to Ms. Halstead’s home. She had texted me that we could make it another time but it is Florida's hurricane season so there is always going to be rain involved. I really wasn’t quite certain what I was expecting. I had not known the Halsteads but Bellay. We spoke for a bit about what happened and then amazingly enough Staci had an organized list of things she needed to do. Shockingly, the family had already harnessed the power of the internet to obtain petitions to the Florida Parole Board to stop the parole of her sister’s kidnapper, rapist and murder. Please find the links below and sign and share them on Facebook and Google+. Although Halstead was very organized and efficient ahe had not been given much notice before the parole hearing. She was crunched for time to obtain signatures. I imagine many inmates obtain parole because of last minute notifications to the family. She had also been contacted by the local paper and was leery of doing an interview with them. But time was short and she needed the petitions signed so she agreed.

Parole Hearing Interview

Before any inmate is considered for parole they have a pre-parole hearing interview. Bellay said absolutely nothing at his interview. I found that odd since Bellay always needed to be the center of attention. And remember Brooks Bellay showed absolutely no remorse at the Parole Hearing Interview. He said nothing!

True Remorse

Do You Think If Bellay Was Truly Remorseful An Appropriate Place to Express that Remorse Would Have Been at the Parole Interview?

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The Sociopath in the Media

Staci Halstead gave an interview in order to draw attention to petition and gain signatures asking the parole board to stop the parole of Brooks Bellay. That was the only goal and the only reason Staci would step into the media fray.

Bellay, who has been without remorse and who was completely silent during his pre-parole interview jumped at the chance to be the in the media spotlight again again. Bellay has been and always will be an attention seeking individual. Ideally, Bellay would have written/spoke to the Halstead family years ago about his remorse. It would have even been appropriate if he had expressed exactly what he had shared with the media in his parole interview but instead he remained defiantly silent. He can’t speak at the parole board interview but will do an interview with the local paper instead?

But a sociopath wants attention in mass media. Poor Bellay! He wants to learn to drive Because he is the victim. Of course his victim never saw her fifth birthday, the victim’s family has to work silently, vigilantly and diligently, without pay or sympathy, to stop the parole of Bellay but Brooks wants to drive? Where are the victim advocacy groups? Why does Bellay have more rights than the family and the community which he perpetrated his crimes upon?

In the newspaper article Bellay claims the following;

1) Taking Angel’s life was “the worst thing a human can do”.

My Response: Agreed!

2) “…now I am a grown man. And I know I am truly a better person than I was…”

My Response: Can’t be much of a worse person since he kidnaped, raped and murder a four year old little girl then lead the authorities in a 36 hour manhunt in the opposite direction of where he left the mangled eviscerate body of Angel Ann Halstead. Prison doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities to kidnap, rape and murder children. So yes, I would imagine Bellay believes he is a better person.

3) “I have gotten a GED, taken vocational classes and several self help courses.

My Respopnse: Self help courses for kidnappers, rapists and murders? What is the name of that course? “I am okay and your dead but I am good with that!"?

4) I know to this day her family hates me…I do pray that one day their hearts can change.

My Response: I have never heard the Halstead Family state they hated Bellay. However, he kidnapped, raped and murder Angel Ann Halstead, however they feel they are entitled.

Amazingly, Bellay wants the Halstead Family to change but still has not asked for forgiveness. To be clear, what the Halstead Family is doing is not about revenge but about denying Bellay the opportunity to kidnap, rape and murder another toddler. Theÿ are protecting our community from individuals like Bellay. I have not doubt Bellay would like to change that about them.

What’s Missing From the Newspaper Report

The short answer is a great deal. My last hub entitled, “In Mind of a Murder” I placed exactly what I wrote and submitted to the reporter for background. While I am not certain what my circulation is compared to the local Sunday paper, I still wanted there to be an accurate account of what I had written. The article lifts pieces from the interview with Staci Halstead and calls the petitions a resistant movement when in fact keeping Bellay in jail is A community service. It also lacks the basic sympathy that should be shown to every family that has to fight to keep confessed child kidnapper, rapists and murder incarcerated.

The article also fails to inform the public of the real jeopardy if Bellay gets out which is the fact he is still attention seeking with the media, he is still a sociopath as he is attempting once again to manipulate the media as he did when he lead the thirty six hour man hunt for the four year old girl who he kidnapped, raped and murdered, he is only remorseful in the media but has made no overture to the family asking for forgiveness nor during the parole interview and the fact that if he is released he will not be a registered sex offender so he can live by an elementary school. But it is all about Brooks. He wants to drive a car. He has already shown he has contempt for the law and civil obedience when he raped and murdered Angel Ann Halstead and now he wants heavy machinery? Angel Ann Halstead would have been thirty eight years old this year and she is dead. She will never have any opportunities so why should her murder?


Do You Think It Would Have Been More Appropriate If Brooks Had Asked for Forgiveness In Any of the 18 Parole Hearings He has Had Instead of in a Letter to the Media 34 Years Later?

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Restorative Justice

Do You Think There Will Ever be Justice for Staci and Her Family?

See results

2017, Mr. George Halstead Continues to Keep His Daughter, Angel Ann Halstead, Murderer In Jail. He Talks About Angel.

In conclusion

The Halsteads have received a life sentence of having their loved one kidnapped, raped and murdered. They are very good people who have had to endure a very horrific tragedy. Bellay has broken his silence and has proven he still is attention seeking by speaking to the media. For Bellay, it is still all about Bellay. Brooks hasn’t changed. He claimed the Halsteads hate him but they see him more as a danger to society and are less emotional But vigilant. How could Bellay possibly know what has been going on inside the heads of the Halstead Family? He has only now, to the media and after 34 years, said he was “sorry”. The newspaper reporter was unbiased in his reporting but managed to get Bellay to break his silence after 34 years for media attention Proving his attention seeking behavior which drove him to kidnap, rape and murder a four year old girl and then lead the authorities on a thirty-six hour search in the opposite direction of the body, is still driving his behavior today. thank goodness we have Staci Halstead who stands fast and vigilant protecting our community from Bellay's release.


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