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Why the U.S supported different military coups , like that were in Brazil 1964 and Egypt 2013 ?

Updated on March 29, 2016

Phenomena of U.S supporting military coups

It is a duplicity when talking about democracy,at the same time of assisting to kill innocent people . This happened in many countries that America has intervened , especially with military force .

How many innocents have been killed in Vietnam , Iraq , and in other countries ?!

But the phenomena that should be think about well and needs to be carefully noticed is that why U.S supported many military coups in different parts of the world ?!

America supported military coup in Brazil on 1964 via C.I.A and multinational companies like Ford motors . There was a National Truth Commission created by Brazilian authorities in 2012 , and Reuters news agency writer named Brian winter wrote about some facts mentioned in that report under a title : " The “Black List” , Documents suggest foreign automakers aided Brazil’s dictators " on the 5th of August 2014 . Brian said : " The commission is tasked with shedding new light on abuses during that era( 1970s ) and who was responsible for them. The U.S.-backed dictatorship killed some 300 people and tortured or imprisoned thousands more in what it saw as a fight to stop leftists from turning Brazil into a giant version of Fidel Castro’s Cuba " .

There were violations against workers , as they protested against the military dictators . Some American multinational companies in Brazil , with the aid of C.I.A passed informations about Brazilian opposed workers to the military authorities , and also practiced pressure on those workers , and fired many of them in the sake of the coup .

Another military coup in Egypt supported by U.S !

General Abdel-Fattah Elsisi , the commander and head of that coup , said that when he was the minister of defense , he was in direct contact with American minister of defense 7 months before the coup , and that they discussed the move against president Mursey carefully !

After that more than 1000 innocents were killed in Rabia and Nahda squares in Egypt , and Sisi became president of Egypt with blessing of U.S and murdering more than 1000 , and imprisoning more than 40,000 , most of them university students .

Duplicity and Pragmatism

Duplicity and Pragmatism of U.S lead her to support those bloody coups . Pragmatism and duplicity motivate the U.S to serve its interests and benefits without looking to the standards of humanity or interests of other nations .

But finally , it is sure that bloods of the victims will anathematize those who were involved in shedding them , whether were genuine or agents .

America overthrow Democracy in Brazil .


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