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Richie Incognito Plus Jonathan Martin Equal Bullying in the National Football League?

Updated on October 22, 2020
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Politico-Socio issues stay ever with us. Gain perspective deciding if these words resonate with your understanding and thinking.

Welcome Sports Fans!


Normally I do not engage in anything about sports. Thankfully, or I should say, regretfully Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin have facilitated a social issue to address besides a cultural issue to opinionate on!

Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito were offensive linemen for the Miami Dolphins. Martin left the Dolphins after Incognito allegedly bullied him passed the breaking point. Martin, a 6"5' 312-pound 2-year tackle for the offensive line could not endure the pressure and racial slurs from his 6"3' 320-pound offensive line captain.

Martin is a bi-racial man of Black and White American heritage. He is a graduate of Stanford with influential parentage. The straw that broke the lineman's resolve to endure this bullying was when the entire offensive line stood and left when Martin went to sit to eat with them.

It is reported that he left with the complaint that Richie Incognito bullied him.

Incognito left, Martin right
Incognito left, Martin right | Source

Social Issue: Racism

Now that an explanation of the situation is out of the way, we can talk about the social implications.

It rears its ugly head, the cry of racism. Racism along with bullying are a terrible combination. Bullying in and of itself is a nasty demon. Racism is just another form of bullying.

Bullying is never to be tolerated in decent society in any of its many forms. There seems to be a cry from some of the networks to crucify Incognito! The silence from the NFL players in support of such an action, crucifixion that is, is scathing.

Some of the Dolphin team members weighed in on the issues behind Martin leaving and returning to California with his parents after a brief stay in a mental facility according to Chris Mortensen a Senior NFL Analyst at ESPN NFL.

Chris Mortensen

Commentator Senior NFL Analyst
Commentator Senior NFL Analyst | Source

The fact that Martin visited a facility at all is not something I want to go into in this article. Let us agree that he had some serious issues to feel it necessary to go there.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill said about the bullying situation

I think if you asked Jon Martin a week before who his best friend on the team was, he would say Richie Incognito[!]

Richie said Jonathan is like his little brother. He gave him a hard time, he messed with him, but he was the first one to have his back in any situation. It’s a big surprise what is going on.1

This flies in the face of all the negative talk that circulates about Incognito's horrid character, though Tannehill is biased and does not have the insight of how the offensive line hierarchy works--neither do I for that fact!

Ryan Tannehill


In support of Incognito's character tackle, Tyson Clabo said,

What's perceived is that Richie is this psychopath racist, and the reality is Richie was a pretty good teammate.

I don't know why he (Martin) doing this. And the only person who knows why is Jonathan Martin.2

In supporting this man, do his teammates support racism? Was this bullying of Incognito's actually his attempts to break in the new rookie that went a little too far?

Those are the questions that fan the flames of animosity on the two sides of the bullying issue.

Tyson Clabo


The 'We Cool Like That' Syndrone

Racism cannot be tolerated. Who determines if Incognito was being racist? Is there some panel of Black people who will gauge how severe the saved texts and voice message are?

About the saved text messages... Who saves text messages and voice messages just because? Jonathan Martin does, that's who! What's that all about?

Seems to me that there is something fishy about this whole situation with Martin.

The situation might be that family can say things and do things that other people cannot say and do. Maybe Incognito thought regarding Martin that it was acceptable for him to say the N-word, but nobody else better call him that! You know, right?

What Say Ye?

This bullying of Incognito's was his attempts to break in the new rookie that went a little too far.

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Cultural Issue

The National Football League supports controlled violence for entertainment purposes. The people involved in that sport must have personalities of gladiators and physical bodies of extreme limits to what is humanly possible, and they do!

This is the culture of professional football. Hell, this is the culture of football period. I remember playing high school football. I also remember quitting when I went to walk-on at Valdosta State University.

I was an 18-year-old kid and I felt like I was 13 still. I went to the try-outs and saw that the players were adult men! They had facial hair and were as big as buildings with muscle on top of their muscles! There was no way I was going to play with or go against that amount of sheer testosterone!

I ran like the spectator I am. I can shout all my insults from the sidelines away from all that unadulterated testosterone and muscle! I did not have the nerve to face people who looked three times my size and were built like Mack trucks!

Now that I am and can only be a spectator, I want to say to Johnathan Martin "Welcome to the sidelines."

Jonathan, if you could not stand up to your so-called bully at 6"5' and over 300 pounds you don't need to be in the NFL. You need to be watching at home.

I will not lie. I would poke the bear. I am thinking that Jonathan is like Yogi Bear, though. I would poke Johnathan if he were at my house just to see if he would do something.

Yogi Bear


Be honest men (and some women). Wouldn't you be curious to know if Martin would cave in and cry like a little girl if you picked a fight with him?

That's easy for me to type. If that mammoth of a man actually faced me I would probably pass out from the sheer size! I still thought about it, though.

What would a new coach think about an offensive lineman who complains of bullying? I know I would not want someone like that on my line. I would want Incognito! I would slap the man for his racial stupidity and tell him to redirect that venom to protect my quarterback!

That is the culture of the game. I feel for Jonathan Martin. I think he should go and get himself healed and stick to commentary or assistant coaching for a Junior High or something. He does not have what it takes to be an NFL player if bullying is his concern.

If I were him, with his size and strength, I would have popped Incognito a few in the mouth to shut him up. We would have to brawl every day until he got off my case. If he didn't, we would have a new fight, because that is the culture of the game--violence!


If he has done that already and is still being bullied, then I am at a loss. I would leave too. Then again, I am just a spectator, not a gladiator.

Richie Incognito

Richie Incognito, Racist Idiot or Overly-Rough Teammate, YOU decide!

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Incognito went to the Buffalo Bills after sitting out for the 2014 season--likely to draw away negative attention from him. Like I wrote above. I would like to have the aggressive Incognito any day.

"They're going to get every ounce of effort I have. On- and off-the-field a complete commitment to football and making the guys around me better. I just owe them everything I have." CBSSports

Jonathan Martin


Martin signed with the Panthers but retired due to health issues. His name will be mentioned in disrepute opposed to Incognitos hereafter since he did not continue in the game and he quit his Dolphins team. Not to mention the tweets...

Football is not his game but it was a dream of his that came true if only for three years.

Jonathan Martin, Big Cry-Baby or Justified Free Agent--You Decide!

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© 2013 Rodric Anthony Johnson

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