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Increase Pain Tolerance Increases Freedom of Thought

Updated on April 23, 2010

Increase Pain Tolerance to Free your Mind

      It's all in that narrow margin or reality where we determine "I feel Good" vs. "I feel Bad".  I find myself at this psycho-sensory "fork in the road" and simply choose " I feel Good".  If it gets harder, make "feels good" dependant on the next note you get in Rock Band and then make sure to get it.............or simply make up a reason for it to be good OR just nudge your interpretation of reality that few mental-microns it takes to convert pain into pleasure. 

     That's the 9th Circle, baby!  If you can make your inner-self say "I feel good" with the cosmic juice cranked up to the max - you are a master of THE NEW REALITY.  This gives you the option of choosing the NATURAL PARAMETERS for what you once called REALITY.  Now you can sit through conversations that once taxed your patience with ease.  You see a table as a table, a dog as a dog and yourself as a good man, the world as O.K..

     This is the art of counter-disinformation/brainwashing.  You will not let how you interpret reality be pushed around.  You will battle this unseen force as often as you can because: your mind, your free-will, your personal happiness are all on the line, here!

     Interesting about that thing deep within you that distinguishes you from every other life-unit, the "soul" doesn't matter who you think you are (or even IF you think you are) can always change that around and this INDIVDUAL, DEEP SELF is unchanged, un-harmed.  So relax, have no one "inner name".  Any one of these can fall prey to being cornered and brainwashed into submission.  View what you once viewed "the self" as a series of "fake combinations" for IT (whatever-it-is) to pick up and misread you.  If it can't "get your number", then it cannot get that very important thing that dwells within each of us which makes us individuals. 


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