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Speculation Increases over a Trump-Carson Presidential Ticket

Updated on October 24, 2015

The Winning Ticket?

The Oval Office may very well have a Republican sitting behind the desk come next November. According to the latest rumors, the possibility of presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Ben Carson ending up on the same ticket, could very well be the key to victory for the GOP.

“We like each other, I mean stranger things have happened,” is how Trump responded when a CNN reporter asked him about the possibility of choosing Carson as his V.P. running mate.

With polls showing Trump with 29% of voter support and Carson enjoying a surprising 24%, the possibility of both camps joining forces has some voters and the GOP speculating a sure win next November.

With polls indicating very little interest for all other Republican candidates, the idea of a Trump-Carson bid for the White House seems like a "no-brainer" to some.

Republican Candidate Support

Nationwide Support
Donald Trump
Ben Carson
Mark Rubio
Ted Cruz
Jeb Bush
Mike Huckabee
Rand Paul
Others combined
RCP averages are the result of polls taken by CNN, ABC, NBC and FOX News

Trump Hasn't Counted Out The Idea

When asked about the poll numbers, Trump assertively stated "we've hit a chord and we have a very good relationship. We're not as different as people think.”

Keeping the possibility open for speculation, Trump added, “You know, I have great assets and he has some great assets. We’re both resonating, there's no question about it."

Should Donald Trump and Ben Carson Become Running Mates?

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Trump's is Aggressive and Resilient

Since the Republican primaries began, Trump has been notorious for glaring opponents down in response to criticisms over his character, economic policies and his ideas for immigration reform.

The heated battle between Trump and Jeb Bush recently got turned up a notch, when Trump called out George W. Bush’s inability to keep the nation safe from terrorism on 9/11.

Of all the candidates, Republican or Democrat, Carson stands alone as the only opponent Trump has yet to slam dunk in the media, or during a debate.

Carson is Honest, Calm and Spiritual

Carson has earned a reputation for being honest and not pandering to the audience, just to tell them what they want to hear.

Carson has been very open about his faith in God. In a recent interview when asked about a growing belief among Christians that the world is nearing the last days, Carson stated, "You could guess that we are getting closer to that". Carson's honest approach concerning his religious beliefs should sit well with conservatives, shoring up Trump's lack of spirituality.

Further speculation of the two running together was thrown into the mix when Trump and Carson recently teamed up to fight for more time in a CNBC Republican debate. A fight they won.

What do you think about Trump and Carson teaming up?

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