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Independant Voters Of Oregon Unite!

Updated on May 4, 2016
mybillypilgrim profile image

Mybillypilgrim was a chef for 15 years, has a degree in graphic arts, worked as a fishmonger, and is, in general as progressive as they get.

A Vote For Trump Is A Vote Against Lucifer

Oregon, for the first time since I have lived here (25 years) actually has a chance to influence a national election. We big square states out west have long been lost in the stupid primary process and Oregon is as blue as it gets in the general election, so we vote on local issues and pretty much accept the inevitable outcome in a given presidential year. In 2012 I wrote in my friend Sally Paton because she is the smartest person I know and would make a great president. She lost to Obama in a landslide.

This year, however is totally different, and there is word on the street that we might even get "Presidential Political Ads" here, which are about as common as hurricanes. The deal is that Donald Trump desperately needs a few extra delegates to win the Republican nomination and Oregon is absurdly positioned to put him over the top. Our paltry "whatever" and East Coast Media Bias delegates suddenly mean something.

So, I had to change my voting status from "unaffiliated" to "independant" in order to vote for Donald Trump in our primary. I did this (and strongly encourage my fellow independants to do so) to stop any chance of Ted Cruz getting anywhere near the White House.

True, Donald Trump is the un-lanced boil on the butt of America, but electing Ted Cruz president would be tantamount to giving the keys to your childs' bedroom to John Wayne Gacy.

All of this said, of course Oregon will vote for and help elect Hillary Clinton president in November, as it has to be for common sense to prevail. I'm not a big fan, but if it's close, I will vote for her in the end. In the meantime, TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!




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