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India Incredible hungry for Endless Scam - the name of TATA Enters Now.

Updated on February 14, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Karunanidhi Comes with Cane for Scam.

The Top Man in Tamil Nadu.
The Top Man in Tamil Nadu. | Source

How come TATA has allowed a Scam.

Its Unbelievable that the Top Man in Tata's has come in a 2G scam now a monster that has been created by A.Raja the Ex.Telecom Minister.

It may be a internal power game or marketing greed of few individuals who have tarnished the image of a world leading and world known TATA the name even a child knows in our Globe.

Its indeed a super fast action of this great man of Tamil Nadu to have dislodged and dumped his own men to show his integrity that he is as pure and holy as the river Ganga.

The Ganga of Tamil Nadu haveever is the previous chief minister of tamil nadu Jayalalitha who ruled the state with nazi type politics.She even put the present chief minister in jail.

2G has made our politicians monsters of scams and there seems no end to these scoundrels and people with greed for money make moves like a fools mate in chess.

If I have to make a HUB on all the scams with all the complete details of all the scams in the present decade it would run to 1000 pages with 1 billion words.

Why is our Prime Minister keeping quite.

Why is our Congress President keeping quite.

Why is our BJP top leaders making a big drama in KAR NATAK - meaning MAKE DRAMA.

Presidents of Powerful countries praise our country but our own men here in politics irrespective of his position in power in govt keep going to JAIL.

There is no women who has gone to JAIL in a scam in INDIA.

Do you think that our Indian Women must rule the country like our Lady Man of India Mrs.Indira Gandhi.?

If they the women politicians are available why can't we make them Chief Ministers or Prime Minister and see if they make a scam.

Do you think we must have a SCAM TEST to see who makes the best scam.Who will beat A,Raja the King of Scam.

Incredible indeed are our scams that the world has now titled our nation as SCAM COUNTRY.

Who can stop the man who makes Scams.Why can't we Hang till death the Scam Makers.

The question is " Who Will Bell The Cat ".


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